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Re: [koruza] KORUZA 1.0 announced

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  • Subject: Re: [koruza] KORUZA 1.0 announced
  • Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2016 16:24:35 +0200


I´m trying to find your username in skype but I can´t find it...

Can you please send a message?



On 30.06.2016 14:12, Musti wrote:


thank you for the feedback. All the components can be reasonably easily
obtained or ordered online, so there is no need for such a kit and
actually there was not much interest for it as well. Please do let me
know whoever if you have a problem finding or getting anything.

Kind regards,

On 30.6.2016 12:06, Fernando Cassia wrote:
On 8/12/15, Musti < > wrote:
This means we are very close to releasing the full system and making available kits for it.
Great news. Also remember to PLEASE modularize the kits. e.g. separate components that could often be sourced locally (like RasPis, cables), leaveing only the essential, non-reproduceable ones. Or, in other words, feel free to provide a "complete kit" but also a reduced, "essentials" kit with just the parts that require a 3D printer... (maybe including the laser too, if that's too specific).
We are as well looking for ways of optimizing the electronics subsystems, would be awesome if anyone with experience in designing network switches could help out.


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