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Re: [koruza] KORUZA mounting bracket

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  • Subject: Re: [koruza] KORUZA mounting bracket
  • Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2014 10:30:37 -0500

I've had good experiences re-purposing the J-pole mounts common to satellite TV dishes.  They are steel, very sturdy, and usually have a graduated arc at one or two joints for aiming.

Here is a picture of such a J-pole, re-purposed to hang a couple 2.4GHz APs.  You can see points where the pole could be rotated along 2 different axes:

The part that would mount directly under the parabolic dish, which I believe is called something like an azimuth / elevation bracket, apparently can be bought separately:

Unfortunately, the mounting base for these J-poles is rather large, meaning as-is they could only be bolted (via U-bolts) to rather large diameter masts.  As this guy has done:

On Mon, Sep 1, 2014 at 9:53 AM, Colin Stanners < > wrote:
I don't think that MTI bracket will work as it seems the plate that attaches to the radio cannot be tilted up to be flat under the Koruza unit. Many radio/antenna arms of that type are also designed with the tilt at the pole/wall mount and the pan adjustment at the radio.

The vast majority of outdoor antennas and radios are mounted from the side, not bottom, so not many of those brackets will work. I would recommend redesigning the Koruza case for side attachment for the best compatibility.

You can consider security camera brackets as those are often mounted from top/bottom, and tend to be inexpensive. But unlike radio mounts they do not normally feature both pole mounting and up-down tilt in the same product. For a wall-attached one see .

On Mon, Sep 1, 2014 at 3:57 AM, Musti < > wrote:
Hi folks,

I am reaching out to you for some help.

Thus-far KORUZA has been using mounting brackets, which I had spare from
some decommissioned equipment and they were custom made, so ti is not
possible to buy them at the moment.

They look like this:

For use in the World Wide KORUZA experiment and open source release, I
am looking for mounts that can be ordered form somewhere.

The requirements are:
- wall/pole mountable at the same time
- adjustable with 2 degree or greater accuracy in two axes: pan/tilt
(KORUZA internal motorized alignment has the movement range of
approximately 3 degrees)
- arm between the pieces longer then the mounting piece, so it can be
attached to the bottom of the unit as on the above photo.
- sufficiently massive to mount KORUZA
- can be ordered in reasonable quantities

So far, I have only found one potential candidate:

Please ping me if you have any idea of similar or in general suitable

Kind regards,

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