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[koruza] KORUZA grows: World Wide Experiment & gen 5 alpha release candidate

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  • Subject: [koruza] KORUZA grows: World Wide Experiment & gen 5 alpha release candidate
  • Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2014 22:43:03 +0200

Hi everyone,

I am pleased to show the product of recent publication silence,
generation 5 KORUZA prototype named: World Wide Experiment & Release
candidate prototype

World Wide KORUZA is a coordinated and organized experiment to test the
system for 12 months. I am inviting primarily organizations to
participate and sponsor a deployment at their location. This will enable
me to construct a set of devices and while doing that prepare all the
documentation, sources and other thing required for open source release.

Please see more information and two videos here:

You can see real time data from two generation 4 systems currently deployed:

The release KORUZA alpha version - generation 5 prototype is planned for
this fall. While this will be rather experimental, experienced hackers
should probably success in building a working system.

Generation 5 is now designed/coded in OpenSCAD, as this is one of the
rare approaches that enables collaboration and tracking of changes
without expensive CAD software.

With enough interest I will consider providing sets of parts to build
devices, sourcing them directly from manufacturers and packing it up.
This should be much more economic then buying individual parts locally
(can get ridiculously expensive) or spending a fortune on shipping low
volume of individual units.

Starting October I will continue to work on KORUZA almost full time,
doing my Masters thesis on improving the system and implementing

Feel free to send questions, ideas or anything really to this mailing list!

Kind regards,

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