Along with all time, effort, energy, sleepless nights, speedy days and climbed roofs, windows and balconies by individuals, groups and organizations, are for the existence and growth of the network important and needed also other ways of contributions and support.

If you can contribute anything of listed bellow, please, do ... it will help! Every contribution counts!

Donation of equipment


  • Routers, antennas, other network equipment (not just wireless), fiber, too.
  • Antenna holders, water- and weather-resistant enclosures for equipment, tools and other material.

Such equipment is useful for deployment of nodes which are of big importance to the network (for example, backbone nodes) or other locations where participants in the network cannot afford necessary equipment.

Donation of server/bandwidth


The network is using surplus capacities of participants' Internet connections to speed-up the network and connect together parts of the network which do not (yet) have a wireless connection in-between. In a similar fashion we are using free capacities on donated servers for various services in the network and to connect the network together over VPN links.

So, if you have a server available (can be also virtual, or just space for it) on collocation or any other dedicated link:

We are especially interested in servers all around the world because this would allow us to create interesting ways to evade possible censorship or GeoIP restrictions.

Donation of money


For donations in money we use PayPal, but we can also arrange differently. Look into how donations are used is completely open so you can verify yourself that we are using donations and all income in general for covering real costs of maintaining and growing of the network.

If, when donating, you don't decide to stay anonymous, we will add you among our supporters, too.