Bishkek, day 2 SL

Bishkek welcomed me to the new day with warmer -15 degrees and a range of interesting activities for the day. Before the press conference for Kyrgyz IT forum, I have managed to visit The Historical Museum with collections ranging from nomadic ancestors to the revolution of 2010, in memory of all who lost their life, definitely putting every visitor to the real ground. The museum itself is a nice stone and marble building, albeit cold in the winter, with bronze statues from soviet times, Marx, Engels and Lenin being very well represented. The entrance offers an super view on the main – Ala-Too square with the parliament and the national flag with a permanent guard.

In the press conference...

BishkekDay3-01.jpg BishkekDay3-02.jpg BishkekDay3-03.jpg BishkekDay3-04.jpg BishkekDay3-05.jpg BishkekDay3-06.jpg BishkekDay3-07.jpg BishkekDay3-08.jpg BishkekDay3-09.jpg BishkekDay3-10.jpg BishkekDay3-11.jpg BishkekDay3-12.jpg BishkekDay3-13.jpg BishkekDay3-14.jpg BishkekDay3-15.jpg BishkekDay3-16.jpg BishkekDay3-17.jpg BishkekDay3-18.jpg
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Bishkek, day 1 SL

Bishkek, the city of a variety of races, low buildings with rectangular avenues, a surprising amount of trees and very kind people, has awaited me with freezing -22 degrees Celsius. The travel from Ljubljana via Istanbul to Bishkek has been surprisingly fast, as I was occupied by preparing presentations for Kyrgyz IT forum, further improved by mouthwatering Turkish airplane food, the mood tampered a bit later by more then an hour long wait for visa and the search for luggage by employing some gestured Russian.

Kyrgyzstan is...

BishkekDay1-1.jpg BishkekDay1-2.jpg BishkekDay1-3.jpg BishkekDay2-1.jpg BishkekDay2-2.jpg BishkekDay2-3.jpg BishkekDay2-4.jpg BishkekDay2-5.jpg BishkekDay2-6.jpg BishkekDay2-7.jpg
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wlan slovenija on Kyrgyz information technology forum SL

wlan slovenija network will be presented by Luka Mustafa on 22th December on Kyrgyz information technology forum (KIT) organized by Civil Initiative on Internet Policy in Kyrgyzstan. Participants will learn about wlan slovenija history, used technologies, best practices and through real life examples discover how community established networks bridge the digital divide.

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Civil society, human rights groups urge Congress to reject the Stop Online Piracy Act SL

You probably know that in USA a new legislation has been put into the consideration. It is called SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and its proponents say it protects the intellectual property market, including the resultant revenue and jobs, and is necessary to bolster enforcement of copyright laws especially against foreign websites. But on the other hand the legislation restricts the free flow of information, negates the safe harbor protection provided in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, requires websites to comply without verification or judicial intervention and even introduces DNS (Domain Name System) filtering, which would effectively break Internet into separate regional networks.

Based on this issues, which would negatively influence the operation and nature of Internet, civil society and human rights groups have prepared a letter urging Congress to reject the Stop Online Piracy Act. Among signatories is also wlan slovenija open wireless network.

More about the letter on Access website.

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wlan slovenija presented at Google's SL

On 22th and 23th October 2011 there was Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit in Mountain View, California. Google Summer of Code is Google's program for encouraging students to work on open-source projects during their summer break. Because this year wlan slovenija network participated in this program for the second time, we decided to participate also in this summit and get to know other mentors, other open-source projects and organizations, exchange our experiences, learn something new, and improve our connections and collaborations with others.

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Introducing ImageFlasher

ImageFlasher is a GSoC 2011 project that aims at building a GUI flasher tool. This is collaborative effort between wlan slovenija and Freifunk wireless networks. This project is being mentored by Mitar. The main objective of the project is to make the process of flashing simpler by offering a step-by-step GUI that requires only minimal technical knowledge. The design document of project is available on the development wiki. We encourage any comments or suggestions from the community.

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Youngsters on the Air - Romania SL

Youngsters on the Air, a summer camp intended for young HAM (radio amateur) operators from all around Europe was held in Campina, Romania, from 27th July to 3rd August. HAM operators Musti – S56MC and Gregor – S53SL that are also participating in wlan slovenija network took part in this week long opportunity to present ideas, learn and get to know people, cultures and HAM stuff.

The concept of wlan slovenija was introduced through a presentation Wireless mesh networks for community, ham and emergency use, that boasted the idea of connecting versatile networks in a common system, that is decentralized, unmanaged and organic, therefore likely to be operable also in emergency situations and can then be used by all parties.

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As a result of wireless link testing day, a 41 km long link between Sveti Urban above Maribor and Slatina in Haloze has been successfully established. Both sides boast beautiful painted antenna dishes while they provide Internet access for a HAM radio operator in Slatina and his SID Monitor for VLF frequencies, set up in cooperation with Stanford Solar Center.

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Participation at Slobodni Festival 2011 SL

We have participated at Slobodni Festival 2011 in Čakovec, Croatia, presented the notion to wirelessly connect Slovenia and Croatia and collaborated in debates on other projects. Our idea was selected as the best one, hence we have further developed it with other participants over two days and established that an active partner in Croatia is required to create the link and buld/expand a wlan slovenija like network in Croatia.

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On a rather cool July Saturday we have tested three international links between Slovenia, Austria and Croatia and one backbone extension in Slovenia. Most links have performed better then predicted, hence we are working on improving the prediction methods. Testing provided useful results for planning and setting up long distance wireless links.

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Great thought from today's press conference

Yochai Benkler:

We have a long tradition of thinking there is an opposition between efficiency/competition/markets and justice and society. And somehow we have to tradeoff between two competing goals: growth and welfare and justice and redistribution. But in fact, what has happened with the Internet, is that growth and innovation lead exactly to what democracy and justice require. Both of them need the means of production distributed (right here) in the population, so that anyone can speak, anyone can create, anyone can create their own innovation, anyone can create their own business. This age old traditional divide is a divide of the industrial economy. We have been able to overcome that divide and today it's between 20th century business models and both innovation and growth and civil society, democracy and justice on the other opposing side. In that battle between on one hand innovation, growth, democracy and justice and preserving revenue streams of incumbent industries, it is not a close choice.

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Civil Society Statement to the e-G8 and G8 SL

Representatives of civil society from around the world have prepared and signed a letter presenting concerns regarding how are certain policies being implemented in the most developed economies undermining the open and neutral Internet. Directed at attendees of e-G8 Forum (before G8 Summit in Deauville) the letter argues that G8 member states should use the e-G8 meeting as an opportunity to publicly commit to expanding Internet access for all, combating digital censorship and surveillance, limiting online intermediary liability, and upholding principles of net neutrality.

Among signatories is also wlan slovenija open wireless network.

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Urban SL

A sunny Friday morning was perfect for setting up our first backbone node on St. Urban above Maribor in cooperation with radioamateur club S59ABC, also providing free access on top of the hill. This backbone node is enabling us the planning and establishment of links with Croatia and local coverage of the Maribor city and southern surrounding areas.

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Birds SL

Wireless Technology

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Announcing MeshApp!

The proposed design of MeshApp, an ad-hoc wireless mesh network application for mobile devices, is now complete. We are encouraging everybody in the mesh networking community and anybody who is interested in this technology to read the design documentation on the wiki page and share their thoughts/suggestions.

More information on this project and the progress we have made can also be found on the blog page OLSR Android.

MeshApp is a being developed as a collaborative project between Freifunk, wlan slovenija open wireless network, and others through Google Summer of Code 2010.

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