GSoC 2012: Warehouse plugin SL

At present the wlan slovenija network utilizes a large amount of equipment (routers, antennas, cables) scattered across Slovenija. During GSoC 2012 I will implement a warehouse plugin for the nodewatcher system. This module will establish an inventory management system supported by unique number identifiers for equipment and tools used at wlan slovenija.

Additionally, the module will also provide support for relocating and assigning items from the wlan slovenija warehouse to different individuals and/or hot spot locations.

Special care will be taken to assure that all specific attributes (for example MAC address for routers or antenna polarization) including the data sheets will be saved into the database. Warehouse module will use existing Django user authentication schema used in nodewatcher.

The module is currently in very early development stage, so any suggestions/ideas are more than welcome to the dev mailing list.

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Moving the equipment to FRI SL

In all this time we managed to collect (thanks to all donators!) quite some equipment and tools, which we use to deploy nodes. Moreover, t-shirts and other stuff take space, too. More activity there is in the network, bigger the network is, more equipment we need in stock, so that we can deploy nodes fast when an opportunity shows. Not every equipment is suitable for every location. Furthermore, it is good to have some things prepared in advance. Of course all this requires more and more space and so we have arranged with Faculty of Computer and Information Science to allow us to use two wardrobes there so that we collect all equipment at one place and make it easier accessible to the growing team.

001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008
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We have badges! SL

In order to promote the wlan slovenija network we have created badges with memorable graphical elements of the network. The batch of the first 250 badges was printed and assembled by and funded by the Youth in Action project. Badges can be obtained by participating at one of our workshops or by contacting us.

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Meeting at radio club ŠTUDENT S59DXX SL

On Saturday, June 16th in the morning, we had a meeting at the radio club ŠTUDENT S59DXX, at Tyrševa ulica 23 in Maribor, where we had a lot of fun al the way to the afternoon.

The meeting was very exciting. We started by setting up an Internet connection, we created a new wlan slovenija node, then we proceded by playing with Texas Instruments LaunchPad. We tryed out the Code Composer Studio and wrote our first software for LaunchPad.

DelavnicaS59DXX 001 DelavnicaS59DXX 002 DelavnicaS59DXX 003 DelavnicaS59DXX 004 DelavnicaS59DXX 005 DelavnicaS59DXX 006 DelavnicaS59DXX 007 DelavnicaS59DXX 008 DelavnicaS59DXX 009 DelavnicaS59DXX 010 DelavnicaS59DXX 011 DelavnicaS59DXX 012 DelavnicaS59DXX 013 DelavnicaS59DXX 014 DelavnicaS59DXX 015 DelavnicaS59DXX 016 DelavnicaS59DXX 017 DelavnicaS59DXX 018 DelavnicaS59DXX 019 DelavnicaS59DXX 020
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Harvard's Berkman Center on mesh networks SL

Berkman Center for Internet & Society from Harvard has published a document evaluating the present and future of mesh networks, emphasizing the importance of improving public safety, as well as empowering and connecting the public. wlan slovenija is also a mesh network and we are aware of the importance of such networks nowadays, too, especially open and freely accessible ones.

The document was prepared during a workshop, where parties from different social groups have participated – from civil society organisations, academics, to government agencies and telecommunications industry representatives. Similar to our findings they have concluded how such networks act organic, as much on technology levels, where they automatically adapt to changes in the network – new nodes, nodes' disconnects – and are healing this way, as on the level of people who are building such networks from the bottom up in a seemingly uncoordinated process, that is forming the network into an increasingly robust and widespread connection manner for people on the other hand.

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Shuttleworth Foundation Flash Grant SL

Shuttleworth Foundation is an organisation supporting socially engaged ideas and projects. They provide means for project development and thus help people with visions about changing the societies focus on their ideas. Their main goal and purpose is:

"To assist persons or projects to effect or which are otherwise involved in social change, with social change being the process whereby values, attitudes or institutions of society, such as education, family and industry become modified, to include both the natural process and action programs initiated by members of the community or any other person." Source: Wikipedia

Shuttleworth Foundation

One of the invitees to apply for Flash Grant funding in the amount of 5.000 USD was also me. I have applied in April 2012 and have been chosen to receive the funding, the only condition was to publish their logotype on our blog for a period of six months and a blog post on how the money was spent for the idea's development. More on the application, answer and conditions can be read here. Such support is pure motivation, a confirmation our project is set well and is enabling certain phases to be carried out faster. Therefore many thanks to the Foundation, not only for the financial means, but also for recognising our concept as good and socially beneficial.

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Introducing TidePools: Social WiFi SL

Our attention was drawn to an interesting projct called TidePools, that allows local users of the wireless network to communicate, get connected, inform each other about events, interesting happenings, dangers, and add content in a playful way.

TidePools Screenshot 1 TidePools Screenshot 2

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This year four students participate in Google Summer of Code SL

This year four students have been accepted to participate in Google Summer of Code and contribute to wlan slovenija projects in their summer time. Congratulations!

  • Matjaz – Equipment warehouse/inventory plugin
  • Miha – Client-side graphs drawing
  • Matevz Mihalic – Web shop for router kits
  • Jernej Kos – Convert core nodewatcher components to new modular backend

Overall, 1,212 students have been accepted this year to various open source organizations from all around the world. wlan slovenija is this year participating under Freifunk umbrella, where 13 students have been accepted.

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Participate in Google Summer of Code 2012 SL

This year wlan slovenija is again participating in Google Summer of Code. If you are a student and you search for programming summer work for this summer, you can apply to work on wlan slovenija projects and get $5000 for successful contribution.

wlan slovenija is a open wireless network initiative from Slovenija, building a common, open and independent network for everybody. It is participating under Freifunk umbrella so you have to formally apply there. Prepare proposal of your contribution and submit it until 6th April. We suggest that you submit the proposal draft immediately and then work on improving it until the deadline. In this way you will be in the system soon and will not miss the deadline. Furthermore, mentors will be able to comment and work with you through the system on your proposal.

More about all this you can find on our web page where are also some ideas for proposals. And of course you can propose also something completely yours.

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Google Policy Fellowship 2012 SL

Applications are now open for the 2012 Google Policy Fellowship!

The Google Policy Fellowship program was inspired by Google's Summer of Code with a public policy twist. The Google Policy Fellowship program offers undergraduate, graduate, and law students interested in Internet and technology policy the opportunity to spend the summer contributing to the public dialogue on these issues, and exploring future academic and professional interests.

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On a nice and sunny, though windy day, we climbed the lookout tower on Pohorje with our antennas and set up two test links. One, 42 km long one to a church on the hill Wolfgangi in Austria where Robert OE6RKE set up antennas towards Pohorje. We have established the link successfully, reaching real throughput up to 35 Mbps, further motivating us for a permanent installation of this link. Including today and on the previous testing we have three tested links with Austria and will be setting up them permanently soon.

Furthermore, a test link was established to our new backbone extension in Haloze, where Ubiquiti AirMax Omni antenna is used for the first time in our network. It performs very well indeed.

More results from this testing can be found here.

PohorjeTesting 001 PohorjeTesting 002 PohorjeTesting 003 PohorjeTesting 004 PohorjeTesting 005 PohorjeTesting 006
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On 2nd January, we will be having fun in the snow on Pohorje, testing a wireless link towards Wolfgangi, Austria. You are all welcome to join, please find further details here.

Testing link map
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Greeting 2012 SL

We wish you a happy and successful 2012

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wlan slovenija at 28C3 SL

Between 27th and 30th December 2011 a traditional Chaos Communication Congress is taking place in Berlin. An international meeting of hackers with a wide range of lectures and workshops of technical and political nature. One of the workshops will be also on topic of free (open) network architectures and wlan slovenija network will also be presented there, together with our nodewatcher system which helps deploying such networks. In our name it will be presented by Aaron from Austrian network FunkFeuer. Thank you! And thanks also to Moritz from torservers project for organizing this workshop.

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Bishkek, day 3 SL

The last day and most interesting, challenging day in Kyrgyzstan. In early morning, I have returned back to the Manas university, modified the test network wlan slovenija and took part on a quick coffee meeting with the adviser of president Atambayev, rector of Manas university, government institutions representatives, head of telecommunication agency and a few other Kyrgyz IT forum speakers, where I have in a few words presented my topics for the forum.

Kyrgyz IT forum had about five topic groups, one of which was Telecommunications, also including my two presentations. Firstly, a company Beeline presented their products and 3G devices. Although the prices of their services and charging per transferred data do not make such access affordable, their market is rapidly expanding.

My first today presentation was titled ...

BishkekDay4-01.jpg BishkekDay4-02.jpg BishkekDay4-03.jpg BishkekDay4-04.jpg BishkekDay4-05.jpg BishkekDay4-06.jpg BishkekDay4-07.jpg BishkekDay4-08.jpg BishkekDay4-09.jpg BishkekDay4-10.jpg BishkekDay4-11.jpg BishkekDay4-12.jpg BishkekDay4-13.jpg
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