wlan slovenija and KORUZA project on BBC Outriders SL

Musti presented (local copy, in the recording at around 10:55) wlan slovenija network and his KORUZA project on BBC Radio 5 programme Outriders. Great questions and answers of wireless mesh networks, concepts behind them, differences and underlying technologies. Beautiful and easy to understand introduction into what wlan slovenija network is and how it works.

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AMCIS2013 Day 3 – Exploring Wireless Chicago SL

Last morning in Chicago was dedicated to exploring community wireless in Chicago and other interesting things going on. I have met up with Todd from Chicago WiFi Project to show me around, discuss community networks and view Chicago for a different perspective. We have visited Pumping Station: One hackerspace. A very interesting location with everything from Micro Beer Brewery to Scanning Electron Microscope, from welding and metalwork to 3D printing and electronics, respect for running such a space, should have them everywhere.

AMCIS2013-day3-01.jpg AMCIS2013-day3-02.jpg AMCIS2013-day3-03.jpg AMCIS2013-day3-04.jpg AMCIS2013-day3-05.jpg AMCIS2013-day3-06.jpg AMCIS2013-day3-07.jpg AMCIS2013-day3-08.jpg AMCIS2013-day3-09.jpg AMCIS2013-day3-10.jpg AMCIS2013-day3-11.jpg AMCIS2013-day3-12.jpg AMCIS2013-day3-13.jpg AMCIS2013-day3-14.jpg
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AMCIS2013 Day 2 – Conference SL

Planning to make the most of the day and the AMCIS2013 conference, it was an early morning. Headed downtown with CTA metro and had a short walk around the area to find the Hilton hotel and conference center, dealt with the registration and planned out the day to attend interesting presentations as well as to have my own one.

AMCIS2013-day2-01.jpg AMCIS2013-day2-02.jpg AMCIS2013-day2-03.jpg AMCIS2013-day2-04.jpg AMCIS2013-day2-05.jpg AMCIS2013-day2-06.jpg AMCIS2013-day2-07.jpg AMCIS2013-day2-08.jpg AMCIS2013-day2-09.jpg AMCIS2013-day2-10.jpg AMCIS2013-day2-11.jpg AMCIS2013-day2-12.jpg AMCIS2013-day2-13.jpg
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AMCIS2013 Day 1 – Travelling to Chicago SL

Thanks to all the supporters the long journey began at Ljubljana Airport, heading to Frankfurt with an early morning flight, from there continuing to Detroit and finally Chicago, good 18 hours later. Rather uneventful journey with several security checks and some odd looks at me for flying there for just a few days. Flying low above Chicago on the approach to O'Hare airport was interesting, I have observed an incredible number of golf courses, pretty much every few blocks. Guessing the vicinity of Lake Michigan makes the terrain exceptionally suitable for golf, but comparably unsuitable for wireless communications.

AMCIS2013-day1-1.jpg AMCIS2013-day1-2.jpg AMCIS2013-day1-3.jpg AMCIS2013-day1-4.jpg AMCIS2013-day1-5.jpg AMCIS2013-day1-6.jpg AMCIS2013-day1-7.jpg AMCIS2013-day1-8.jpg
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Fund drive for Musti to attend AMCIS2013 conference successful SL

The fund drive for Luka Mustafa - Musti to attend the scientific conference AMCIS2013 on 17th August was successful. 103% that is 1535,92 EUR have been raised to cover the travel and other associated expenses to travel to Chicago and present the paper Reintroducing Free-Space Optical Technology to Community Wireless Networks, that is the base for the development of our wireless communication system KORUZA. This will be the first time the project will be presented to the scientific audience, including a study of implementing such systems in community wireless networks.

None of this would be possible without all the supporters, thank you Ario d.o.o., Openspectrum, Edoardo, Brough, Denis, Ivan, Paul, Alex, Žiga, Nicolas, Ivo, Boštjan, Frenk, Barbara, Nejc in Aviat d.o.o.

Stay tuned for blog posts from the conference.

http://www.ario.net Openspectrum
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Successful colaboration at HISTeRIA etno festival 2013 is behind us SL


Up to 50 connected users used wlan slovenia network at once for browsing the web at the HISTeRIA festival scene, at the marketplace, in front of the main stage and surroundings.

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Koruza: for organic growth of wireless optical networks SL


We are happy to introduce the development of a wireless optical network system KORUZA, an innovative open-source open-hardware wireless communication system, employing a new low-cost approach to designing free-space optical network systems, enabling building-to-building connectivity with a highly collimated light beam at a capacity of 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps) at distances up to 100 m. It is designed to be suitable for home as well as professional users, enabling organic bottom-up growth of networks by eliminating the need for wired fiber connections and associated high installation costs. The simplicity of use, low-cost and compact size, allow the system to be deployed in any network.

The project will is also presented in a scientific paper Nineteenth Americas Conference on Information Systems: Mustafa, L., Thomsen, B., Reintroducing Free-space Optical Technology to Community Wireless Networks. Its author Luka Mustafa - Musti is appealing to foundations and other organizations to support him with a travel grant to attend the AMCIS2013 conference in Chicago in August 2013 and present the paper, as well as to support the project development. We are appealing to you for help in obtaining this support.

More about the project and about the prototype in development.

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Old presentation of nodewatcher SL

A video of an old presentation of the nodewatcher project has been found. See how it looked at that time with this blast from the past from 2010 International Summit for Community Wireless Networks in Vienna.

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Help challenging patents on mesh networking SL

Electronic Frontier Foundation is searching for prior art examples to help them challenge some overbroad patents which might possibly limit how mesh networks can be deployed and used. Please read cases and if you have something similar you have done before 2011, write to them.

An interesting read is also one short description of a similar past legal suit. It is always interesting to read about wireless networking history.

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Net neutrality in Slovenia SL

Since the beginning of 2013 a new law governing electronic communications is in effect in Slovenia. The most important thing is that it explicitly requires net neutrality. This makes Slovenia one of rare legislations where network neutrality is protected by law. This was a very progressive move by Slovenian government which shows that also small countries can do a big step.

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The 2nd Sharing day happened / Sharing day 2013 SL

On Saturday, June 1 2013, wlan slovenija joined other groups and individuals who promote the concept of sharing and so-called sharing economy, and presented its idea of connecting, sharing and contributing to the common good at the 2nd Sharing day.

This year there was no general organizer like Slovenia Coworking was last year, so on the initiative of Eva Perčič all of the participants agreed on organizing the event themselves. Due to fickle weather we could not gather in Creative zone Šiška as planned initially, but Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture have kindly offered to lend their premisses, resulting in the 1st floor turning into a facility for distribution of ideas.

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Deliberant equipment received for testing SL

Deliberant, a manufacturer of wireless equipment has kindly sent us several of their products for review and testing in a community wireless network. We really appreciate it and thank them for this kind action.

A range of 5GHz 802.11an devices from Deliberant will allow us to perform test setups and compare the performance to Ubiquiti devices used at the moment. First impressions Deliberant units are of mixed sort. Some very clever engineering can be seen in the assembly of these devices, especially the small APC Propeller 5 consists of several pieces that nicely fit together and provide a convenient way of connecting and mounting it, while keeping it suitable for outdoor use. Quite impressive that it is this small, has a 15dB antenna and a USB port as well.

APC M5 90 AP base station with 90 degree beam-width and CPE/AP devices APC M5 12 and APC M5 18 are very interesting as they look promising for point-to-multipoint or point-to-point links at a very reasonable cost. We sure will push them to their limits and report on the performance.

While DeliberantOS looks at first rather complicated and a bit less intuitive then more consumer oriented devices, it may be quite a lot friendlier when we get to know it better. Unfortunately there is no openwrt support as of this moment or SDK that would allow OLSRd or other routing protocols to be added, so proper use of these devices our network is not yet possible, unless used as L2 transparent bridges.

More tests to be performed and reported in the following months.

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A rather new member of TP-Link family has been donated to be tested for use in wlan slovenija network – thank you, Robas. We have nicknamed this router Darth Vader, since it is the first one in the collection looking black and cool, compared to standard white cases.

Wireless router WDR3500 is quite comparable to widely used WR741ND with standard configuration of 5 100Mbps Ethernet ports and 2.4GHz 300Mbps 802.11n radio, but in addition boasts a single USB port and 5Ghz 300Mbps 802.11an radio as well. Removable dual-band antennas with RP-SMA connectors are a welcome addition. The TP-Link website promises rather magical speeds of 300Mbps per radio, which we strongly doubted. And we were right.

wdr3500-1.jpg wdr3500-2.jpg wdr3500-3.jpg wdr3500-4.jpg wdr3500-5.jpg wdr3500-6.jpg wdr3500-7.jpg wdr3500-8.jpg
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Pecelj – Arduino compatible sensor platform v0.5 available SL

Pecelj, an improved version of sensor gateway, a small Arduino compatible platform that enables a range of sensors to be connected to the wlan slovenija node, is available in our web shop. It is intended only for developers to design and test a range of sensors compatible with it. At the moment sensors for temperature, air pressure, humidity, voltage and current and lightning are designed and tested, while a lot of ideas await implementation. Pecelj is a simple way of enhancing a node with sensors and actuators. Photos show an example of a modification with Pecelj and a small display on a router.

sensgv0v5-1.jpg sensgv0v5-2.jpg sensgv0v5-3.jpg sensgv0v5-4.jpg sensgv0v5-5.jpg sensgv0v5-6.jpg
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wlan slovenija online shop opening SL

On Wednesday, February 27 2013, wlan slovenija organized the ceremonial opening of our non-profit online shop at Ljudmila premises. After a brief presentation of wlan slovenija network and our control system nodewatcher, we took a short break and refreshed ourselves with goodies on the table. Through casual conversations we answered questions from visitors, made new acquaintances, we looked for the first customer for our shop and "did business" by finding new people who wanted to participate in our network by installing new nodes. Available were also wlan slovenija badges, stickers, and t-shirts. The first customer in our shop was awarded with being the first person to cut into our cake. We finished the event with everybody having a piece of cake and chatting till late at our friendly Ljudmila hosts. Thank you everybody who came by!

In our online shop you can order nodes and t-shirts and similar merchandise.

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