nodewatcher v3: Shuttleworth Foundation Flash Grant SL

I - Jernej Kos - have recently received the Shuttleworth Foundation Flash Grant to focus on further development of version 3 of the nodewatcher platform. The nodewatcher v3 platform is an open source (GNU AGPL licensed) network planning, deployment, monitoring and maintenance platform for community wireless networks. Such recognition and support of the project is very motivational and confirming the project is on the right track.

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nodewatcher v3: new data collector agent

A quick update on what is happening regarding bringing nodewatcher v3 platform closer to reality. Version 2 of nodewatcher used its own simple key-value format and a bunch of shell scripts to provide monitoring data. In order to bring this into the modern era where JSON and ubus are available as compact libraries on OpenWrt by default, I have in the last few days created a new modular OpenWrt monitoring agent that can run on nodes and periodically obtain data from various sources (directly from procfs, from uci, from netifd via ubus, from nl80211 netlink API via OpenWrt's libiwinfo, etc.). The agent will be used by nodewatcher v3 as the source of telemetry data, but due to its JSON/ubus output, it can be easily also reused by other projects that need to monitor OpenWrt nodes.

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The 3rd Sharing Day happened SL

The 3rd Sharing Day happened, where we shared Internet, contacts and ideas of wlan slovenija network. The event took place in great company of other sharers and visitors, under the trees in the park Tabor. (An interesting thing: tabor means "camp" in literal translation. :)

14060001.jpg 14060003.jpg 14060004.jpg 14060005.jpg 14060006.jpg 14060007.jpg 3. Dan souporabe - 2014
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Fund drive for new server SL

In 5 years of growing, wlan slovenija network has really grown. It has now more than 350 active nodes and almost 1000 registered nodes. As you probably know, we are using our nodewatcher system to collect real-time data about performance and use of all those nodes and the network as whole, store it for easier debugging, and display it visually so that anybody can see how the network operates.

In 5 years this is a lot of data. More than 100 GB of data which we want to provide for everyone. With the new version (v3) of nodewatcher data storage requirements will grow even further as we will be able to monitor the network faster and better.

This is why we have to buy a new server and we need your help to able to do it. With the new server we will be able to continue growing!

We are planning to buy:

  • Lenovo ThinkServer RD 430, 1260 EUR
  • 3 x Seagate ST3000VX000, 3 TB, 315 EUR

Together: 1575 EUR

956.49 EUR (60.7%)

Please donate for the new server. You can do that using PayPal and Bitcoin. If you would like to donate in a different way, for example by wiring money, please contact us. Every contribution counts!

We list all donations publicly, so make sure you tell us if you want your donation to be anonymous or have a special message.

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Report from Battlemesh v7 Leipzig SL

Battlemesh V7 in Leipzig is now over, more than 100 developers, active in community and other wireless networks, came together to test, debug and improve hardware, wireless drivers, routing protocols and user applications. We had fun, learned a lot, got to know each-other and formed a range of ideas for future work.

BattlemeshV7 001 BattlemeshV7 002 BattlemeshV7 003 BattlemeshV7 004
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KORUZA at Battlemesh v7 Leipzig SL

The Wireless Battle of the Mesh is about to begin on Monday and Musti will be presenting wlan slovenija and in particular his wireless optical project KORUZA, Serval Rugged Battery Pack for powering nodes just about anywhere and speaking on discovering the location of 5GHz wireless nodes.

Battlemesh is free to attend for anyone, if you are around Leipzig, Germany, drop by and see KORUZA in action.

BattlemeshReady-.jpg BattlemeshReady-1.jpg
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KORUZA grows: Thank you Shuttleworth foundation SL

In October 2013 I was awarded Shuttleworth Flash Grant which enabled me to further pursue the development of the wireless optical KORUZA and create a good basis for future work. The past months have been very busy and produced quite exceptional outcomes.

  • Designed the serial communication system for OpenWrt that takes a fresh approach to data acquisition and control of electronic circuits that connect via the serial port. We believe this is the best way yet to handle KORUZA control as well as many other applications, from sensors to robots.

  • Developed KORUZA to a whole new level, integrating the 3D printed prototype in an outdoor suitable design, successfully tested it over more then 100m, evaluated the performance and iterated the procedure to fix all the noted problems as well as adding new features. The results of this work now enable test deployments and further development of the system.
  • Implemented a remote flashing approach for TI ARM based microcontrollers, enabling remote upgrades of KORUZA as well as giving the whole hacker community a fresh way of approaching to developing and improving their creations.

Thank you, Shuttleworth Foundation, for all this! And special thanks to Jernej, who actively developed software solutions. Thank you all for various kinds of support!

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Connecting TI ARM based Launchpad with OpenWrt SL

The ever present challenge of deploying microcontroller circuits to remote locations and upgrading the code on the go is elegantly solved by combining OpenWrt routers with Texas Instruments Tiva C Launchpad device, connected via USB. This ARM based development board contains a USB-UART bridge as well as a JTAG programmer and debugger, allowing for easy communication and programming. By porting the lm4flash utility to OpenWrt, we can now easily program and possibly debug remote deployments based on this board.

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KORUZA outdoor prototypes SL

Busy spring months finally lead to operational outdoor prototype generation 3 and quickly followed by the generation 4, testing a range of new technical solutions and implementing many more features. Wireless optical system KORUZA is now being tested over longer periods of time outdoors, observing the behavior and identifying what will cause errors and link failures. With the outcomes the generation 5 prototypes will be constructed, working towards a larger scale world-wide experiment. Simultaneously we will be releasing as open-source a range of standalone sub-systems of KORUZA, enabling people to experiment in low-cost optics labs and play with some cool electronics solutions.

koruzav4-test-001 koruzav4-test-002 koruzav4-test-003
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Monitoring and controlling KORUZA deployments SL

In order to support easy control and monitoring of KORUZA deployments on OpenWrt devices we have developed a simple architecture that enables multiple processes to communicate with the KORUZA device over the serial port at the same time.

The developed solution allows for the router to communicate with a serial device, for example an interactive shell for direct user control with real-time feedback, as well as simultaneous data collection for logging or use by the nodewatcher system. All this can be used in many applications, from sensor data collection to robot control, from device power management electronics to home automation.

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KORUZA grows: NLnet grant SL

NLnet foundation has awarded a grant for development of the wireless gigabit optical system KORUZA to Luka Mustafa - Musti and his newly founded non-profit NGO Institute IRNAS Rače, aimed at providing formal support and create a working environment for development of open-source systems, combining and integrating knowledge ranging from mechanical design and 3D printing, to electronics and software development of nodewatcher and other applications.

nlnet IRNAS

koruza-gen3-1.jpg koruza-gen3-2.jpg koruza-gen3-3.jpg
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Google Summer of Code 2014 SL

wlan slovenija is again participating in Google Summer of Code (under Freifunk umbrella) and student applications are now open. Deadline is March 21.

If you are a student and want to contribute to an open source over the summer and get paid $5500 for it, apply! Even better if you love community/mesh wireless networks and you want to work on something related to that. Here are some ideas what you could work on. Of course you can also propose your own idea, if you have something you believe would help community/mesh wireless networks.

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3D printer for KORUZA development SL

The development of wireless optical system KORUZA created the need for low-cost and reliable 3D printer suitable for printing ABS plastic with speed and precision. Instead of just buying one, Musti has set out to improve on the open source 3D printer Ultimaker by leading a group build project in Društvo elektronikov Slovenije (hobby electronics society). The finished 3D printer has proven to be very useful, the construction of KORUZA prototypes being a very good proof of it along with a range of exciting projects by other members of the society. The sources are available at Thingiverse and the Društvo elektronikov web page.

Troublemaker-01.jpg Troublemaker-02.jpg Troublemaker-03.jpg Troublemaker-04.jpg Troublemaker-05.jpg Troublemaker-06.jpg Troublemaker-07.jpg Troublemaker-08.jpg
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Wireless Battle of the Mesh – May 2014 SL

The Wireless Battle of the Mesh is an event that aims to bring together people from across the globe to test the performance of different routing protocols for ad-hoc networks, like Babel, B.A.T.M.A.N., BMX, OLSR, and 802.11s. It is a great opportunity to meet in person the people on the other end of mailing lists, hackers, community wireless enthusiasts and others to test, discuss and enjoy.

Musti will be presenting wlan slovenija and his wireless optical project KORUZA, in particular the new outdoor prototype design that enables long term performance evaluation of this system.

Everyone is invited to attend, more details about the event website! Looking forward to seeing you in Leipzig, Germany.
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SIF - public consultation for the Preservation of open and neutral Internet SL

On Thursday, 2/13/2014 we from the wlan Slovenia attended public consultation for the Preservation of open and neutral Internet in the hall of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport. The event was very interesting but it seemed to have been under-represented from the "opposite side" because a lot of invitees did not respond to the invitation.

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