Battlemesh v8 and its many stories SL

It is really impossible to recap the latest Battlemesh event. So let's simply share some photos and facts and let them speak.

001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg 005.jpg 006.jpg 007.jpg 008.jpg 009.jpg 010.jpg 011.jpg 012.jpg 013.jpg 014.jpg 015.jpg 016.jpg 017.jpg 018.jpg 019.jpg 020.jpg 021.jpg 022.jpg 023.jpg 024.jpg 025.jpg 026.jpg 027.jpg 028.jpg 029.jpg 030.jpg 031.jpg
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BattleMeshV8 has started SL

Let us share a few photos from the first days of Wireless BattleMeshV8 with you. The participants were arriving at Pekre, started assembling the equipment that will help them do the testings in the coming days, while they were also mingling and lecturing about their findings at the same time.

Again, the event is open and free for all, lectures are on every day after noon, find more about the agenda and timetables here. Check the timetables regularly, since lectures are also added subsequently. Lectures can be viewed live (and also those already finished) on Ryan Taylor's Livestream channel. The event is not limited to lectures, though, participants are mixing and exchanging knowledge in interesting debates every day. Come. =)

3. & 4.8.2015 002 3. & 4.8.2015 010 3. & 4.8.2015 013 3. & 4.8.2015 019 3. & 4.8.2015 020 3. & 4.8.2015 022 3. & 4.8.2015 025 3. & 4.8.2015 026 3. & 4.8.2015 027 3. & 4.8.2015 028 3. & 4.8.2015 029 3. & 4.8.2015 032 3. & 4.8.2015 037 3. & 4.8.2015 040 3. & 4.8.2015 041 3. & 4.8.2015 042 3. & 4.8.2015 043 - How many IT guys does it take to cable one UTP? 3. & 4.8.2015 044 3. & 4.8.2015 045 3. & 4.8.2015 046 - No, how many IT guys does it Really take to cable one UTP? 3. & 4.8.2015 047 - Answer: Don't forget to count in the guy at the backend of the cable. =) 3. & 4.8.2015 051 3. & 4.8.2015 052 3. & 4.8.2015 053 3. & 4.8.2015 056 3. & 4.8.2015 057 3. & 4.8.2015 058 3. & 4.8.2015 059 3. & 4.8.2015 062 3. & 4.8.2015 063 3. & 4.8.2015 064 3. & 4.8.2015 065 3. & 4.8.2015 066 3. & 4.8.2015 067 3. & 4.8.2015 068 3. & 4.8.2015 069 3. & 4.8.2015 070 3. & 4.8.2015 072 3. & 4.8.2015 073 3. & 4.8.2015 074 3. & 4.8.2015 075 3. & 4.8.2015 076 3. & 4.8.2015 077 3. & 4.8.2015 078 3. & 4.8.2015 079 3. & 4.8.2015 080 4. & 3.8.2015
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T-shirts, posters, signs SL

BattleMeshV8 Team is busy with the last preparations. :) Lovely T-shirts have arrived, the posters are ready and Musti has made some awesome signs and waymarks! Maribor, here we come!

01 Hello. =) 02 Notice these. 03 The T-shirts are here!!! 04 - Trying them on. 05 - The backend. 06 - Yep, they're nice. 07 - Packing them with lots of <3. 08 - Oh, we've got T-shirts for girls as well! =) 09 -  Backend ♀ 10 - Logo 11 - Ready to rumble. =P 12 - All packed and waiting for new owners. =) 13 Maribor is cool. 14 Come!
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Maribor awaits BattleMeshV8 SL

While we're eagerly awaiting participants of the BattleMeshV8 conference, we went to check on the venue. All got green and beautiful, spots for contemplation won't be scarce. Come, let's close ranks, put our heads together and connect into a mesh of new acquaintances, let's transfuse knowledge, findings and thoughts. =)

1 Venue 2 Venue 3 Pohorje 4 Maribor 5 Maribor 6 "Contemplation Hill" 7 Cloudporn 8 Peeking into Camp Kekec
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Battlemesh travel scholarships available

We are opening a call for sponsored travel to attend Battlemesh for anyone living outside Europe and would like to invite you to send your application! Battlemesh is the annual conference/gathering/hack event on community wireless networks and routing protocols will be between 3rd-9th August in Maribor, Slovenia. As Battlemesh is in the week before the Chaos Communication Camp in Germany, this is an excellent opportunity to be able to travel to both.

Event is free to attend and we still have organized accommodation available at low cost.

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wlan slovenia participated in the presentation of the project "Computers for the socially disadvantaged" SL

wlan slovenia participated at the presentation of our partners project "Computers for socially vulnerable" and we presented a concept, philosophy and operation of the wlan slovenia network at the Main Square in Novo mesto on 22 April 2015.

Partner Association Zeitgeist (Društvo Duh časa) deals with recycling and reuse of old computers from businesses, individuals and other organizations and their hand over to socially disadvantaged segments of society. In this activity we observed a lot of synergy, the Society Zeitgeist enable disadvantaged groups access to computers and we as wlan slovenija provide access to the Internet. This technique brings usability of the computer to the whole new level because with us users get access to all the data of the Internet and hence the entire world's knowledge.

The event was particularly inspiring for younger users to use/install of our nodes and to start educate towards the development of network technologies. After the event, we had a small reception in the restaurant Gostišče na trgu, managed by students of the Catering school Novo mesto (by the way, the food and service were excellent;) ) and went home. We are inviting you to stop by at the following events which will be held:

  • On Friday, 29/05/2015 in Sežana municipality premises
  • Tuesday, 06/09/2015 from 13 to 15 on Prešeren Square in Ljubljana.

You are welcome to stop by. :)

15040008.jpg 15040009.jpg 15040010.jpg
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Push, data authentication and Babel support

Nodewatcher v3 has gained multiple features as well as stabilization bugfixes in the last months.

We are now running the latest development branch of nodewatcher v3 in parallel with the old version. Imports of nodewatcher v2 data are done regularly in order to test out new fixes and features. Due to having a live version deployed in an actual network, we have found and fixed several bugs related to firmware generation and monitoring.

It is now possible to automatically configure STA interfaces on nodes based on the target AP interfaces to which a node should be connecting. While configuring an interface in station mode, the user may simply select the target node instead of manually inputting connection parameters. This enables a better overview of point-to-point links used by the backbone and ensures that the configuration is automatically updated on all the client nodes. Virtual interface names of wifi devices have now been made more human readable (they are now ap0, mesh0, sta0, etc. instead of the previous somewhat more cryptic names). Due to testing, device descriptors for mutliple devices, and thus support for these devices, have been greatly improved. Definition of community network specific default configuration has been simplfied and the module that automatically generates forms for configuration models has been refactored in order to make it simpler.

Our OpenWrt telemetry agent has gained support for pushing data to a remote server in addition to the data being pulled from it. This means that the nodewatcher instance now no longer needs to have direct connectivity to the nodes as the nodes may also push data to it. We have also added support for authentication of reported telemetry data, using extensible authentication mechanisms (currently, there is only one based on public key cryptography). When using push, nodes may also authenticate the server using public key pinning. In order to support some ESP8266-based sensor devices, a simple Lua library has been developed for pushing sensor data to nodewatcher.

We now also have support for the Babel routing protocol in addition to the previously used OLSR. This includes device configuration and topology reporting from the nodes (since Babel is a distance-vector protocol, our telemetry agent must collect and report topology data on each node in order to generate the combined topology). Multiple protocols can easily be supported on a single node and we are currently deploying nodes with both Babel and OLSR, so that we may slowly transition to a Babel-only mesh.

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Announcing BattleMesh v8 in Maribor, Slovenia SL

We are proudly announcing that the Wireless Battle of the Mesh V8 will happen in August in Maribor, Slovenia! This international annual developer conference brings together wireless community networks participants, WiFi wireless mesh networking enthusiasts, developers from the most popular open source mesh protocol implementations (Babel, B.A.T.M.A.N., BMX, IEEE 802.11s, OLSR) and anyone else interested either in developing mesh networking technologies or establishing such networks.

The week long event is organized around participant collaboration and learning with a number of talks and workshops running in parallel while performing experiments on a test network deployed just for this purpose. There will be a number of interesting and new devices to test, a setup of wireless optical system KORUZA and much more. See impressions from previous events.

BattleMesh V8
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Collaboration with Commotion SL

We are proud to announce collaboration with Commotion Wireless project to bring our nodewatcher platform to their users. We share a vision of a world of empowered people who can build their own Internet connectivity and control their means of communication through cooperation. Working together and sharing tools, technologies, experience, and expertise is exactly what open source and community networks are about and we are looking forward to work with amazing people behind the Commotion project.

Collaboration comes with a $20.000 contribution to the further development of the nodewatcher platform.

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KORUZA grows: Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship SL

We are pleased to announce today that Luka Mustafa – Musti has become a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow to work full-time on development of wireless optical system KORUZA. This unbelievable opportunity will enable the project to become usefully open-source in the very near future and soon empower a large number of individuals to construct and deploy their own last-mile gigabit networks. Follow-up on the detailed announcement of the fellowship and the plans for the future on Institute IRNAS blog.

The Shuttleworth Foundation
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Greetings 2015 SL

Greetings 2015

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Progressing towards nodewatcher v3

Development is continuing on the next version of nodewatcher, the modular provisioning, deployment and monitoring platform targeted at community wireless mesh networks worldwide. Since the last update there have been many improvements to the codebase, bringing the platform closer to the first production deployment in wlan slovenia network.

Code has been successfully migrated to use the latest Django 1.7. Due to this change the data import system from the old nodewatcher v2, currently deployed in our network, has been rewritten so that it is now much easier to perform v2-to-v3 migrations. This will enable use to deploy the final system with ease. The firmware generation system has been updated and frontend support has been added for managing builds and reporting on their status. Multiple devices have been tested and currently there are already a few devices running in the mesh network that have been configured and generated using the new platform. During this testing a lot of generator-related bugs have been fixed and device support has been improved.

Hold-down period has been implemented for IP resource allocation pools. This enables the allocation system to hold allocated ranges even after they have been freed in order to prevent immediate address reuse which could lead to conflicts. A module for map-based visualization has been implemented using Leaflet and OpenStreetMap, making it easy for other modules to extend the map with their own visualizations (for example, currently the OLSR routing plugin colors links between nodes based on the value of the routing metric). This is similar to the client-side routing topology rendering which also supports such extensibility.

Frontend support for managing user public keys used for authentication to nodes has been added. Our OpenWrt telemetry agent has been improved with additional reporting functions. Server-side monitoring processors and validators have been updated and their performance has been improved. To improve interoperability between different node database solutions, we are participating in an effort to create a common JSON schema for exchanging various node data. In order to reduce the management overhead, the Docker images used for production deployments and development have now been unified, so that the development environment is now equal to the production one.

Next steps will bring more frontend support, further debugging, documentation and production readiness.

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We have a new server! SL

Thanks to your donations, to grants provided by both the Shuttleworth Foundation and the NLnet Foundation, and to LTFE for providing hosting, we have been able to successfully establish a new server, which we named the aggregator. The new server will host the next version of nodewatcher, the modular provisioning, deployment and monitoring platform targeted at community wireless mesh networks worldwide.

In order to make future deployments of nodewatcher as seamless as possible, we have been hard at work to provide a Dockerized version of all components that we use ourselves. For configuring the host and managing all the containers we decided to use Salt, which enables us to document the whole deployment in a single place and to enable that similar new instances can be easily built. To support our need of interconnecting Docker containers via Layer 2 links, we have developed a simple network configuration daemon for Docker, netcfg, which enables dynamic configuration of Layer 2 bridges between containers.

IMG_20140916_103813050.jpg IMG_20140916_104102297.jpg streznik-thinkserver-rd440-a.jpg
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wlan slovenija on SIXPO SL

wlan slovenija was presented at the first Ljubljana Social Innovation Expo. For the SIXPO poster we've used a comic created by our supporter Agnieszka and I think it turned out very nice.

001 002 003 004
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KORUZA grows: World Wide Experiment SL

Development of wireless optical system KORUZA has reached the 5th prototype generation and it is time now, to put it out in the wild and properly test it. We are launching the World Wide KORUZA experiment to deploy more then 10 links worldwide with a range of sensors and a test device, to observe the performance over a 12 month period. Experimental results are expected to identify error sources in the system as well as create an open dataset for future study of free-space communication system as well as KORUZA. Research organizations, community networks and others welcome!

koruza-1.jpg koruza-2-1.jpg koruza-2-2.jpg koruza-2-w.jpg koruza-ijs-teslova-1.jpg koruza-ijs-teslova-2.jpg koruza-ijs-teslova-3.jpg koruza-ijs-teslova-4.jpg koruza-v5-1.jpg
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