Participate in Google Summer of Code 2016 SL

This year wlan slovenija is again participating in Google Summer of Code. If you are a student and you search for programming summer work for this summer, you can apply to work on wlan slovenija projects and get $5500 for a successful contribution.

wlan slovenija is a open wireless network initiative from Slovenija, building a common, open and independent network for everybody. It is participating under Freifunk umbrella so you have to formally apply there. Prepare proposal of your contribution and submit it until March 25. We suggest that you submit the proposal draft immediately and then work on improving it until the deadline. In this way you will be in the system soon and will not miss the deadline. Furthermore, mentors will be able to comment and work with you through the system on your proposal. Moreover, we suggest that you join our chat and connect with the community and get help with your proposals.

You can check the list of ideas for proposals to get a feeling of what we are looking for. But of course, you can propose also something completely yours.

Required knowledge for participation varies and depends on what you propose, but it is not necessary that your proposals are big and complex, just propose what you believe that you will manage during the summer and what would contribute to our projects.

This is a great chance to learn more about open source, contribute to it and also earn something along the way!