Deploying open WiFi nodes for refugees SL

wlan slovenija open wireless network has started deploying open WiFi access points for refugees on border crossing with Slovenia where they are regularly stranded for days while waiting to cross the border. Without access to information and ways to communicate with friends and family their situation becomes even harder.

Thank you everyone who helps. The response is enormous. We are now in process of preparing a connectivity kit which could be easily duplicated elsewhere.

You can help us as well. If you have 3G or LTE USB modems you can donate, contact us. Also if you live near border crossing or other areas where refugees are stationed, consider sharing part of your Internet connection in a safe way with refugees by deploying a wlan slovenija open WiFi node. We can help you.

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Photos: Igor Unuk and Marko Pigac

Photos are from the deployment at the border crossing at Šentilj.