wlan slovenia participated in the presentation of the project "Computers for the socially disadvantaged" SL

wlan slovenia participated at the presentation of our partners project "Computers for socially vulnerable" and we presented a concept, philosophy and operation of the wlan slovenia network at the Main Square in Novo mesto on 22 April 2015.

Partner Association Zeitgeist (Društvo Duh časa) deals with recycling and reuse of old computers from businesses, individuals and other organizations and their hand over to socially disadvantaged segments of society. In this activity we observed a lot of synergy, the Society Zeitgeist enable disadvantaged groups access to computers and we as wlan slovenija provide access to the Internet. This technique brings usability of the computer to the whole new level because with us users get access to all the data of the Internet and hence the entire world's knowledge.

The event was particularly inspiring for younger users to use/install of our nodes and to start educate towards the development of network technologies. After the event, we had a small reception in the restaurant Gostišče na trgu, managed by students of the Catering school Novo mesto (by the way, the food and service were excellent;) ) and went home. We are inviting you to stop by at the following events which will be held:

  • On Friday, 29/05/2015 in Sežana municipality premises
  • Tuesday, 06/09/2015 from 13 to 15 on Prešeren Square in Ljubljana.

You are welcome to stop by. :)

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