The 3rd Sharing Day happened SL

The 3rd Sharing Day happened, where we shared Internet, contacts and ideas of wlan slovenija network. The event took place in great company of other sharers and visitors, under the trees in the park Tabor. (An interesting thing: tabor means "camp" in literal translation. :)

14060001.jpg 14060003.jpg 14060004.jpg 14060005.jpg 14060006.jpg 14060007.jpg 3. Dan souporabe - 2014

We have set our stand at about 10 o'clock in the morning, on the table that was closest to electricity. Our first neighbours were already well-known members of the Society Duh Časa. We kept chatting with them throughout the day. They got me acquainted with a procedure that became one of my major discoveries of the day: that almost any broken laptop can be restored very cheaply. Although no longer working and seemingly dead. There is a method using a burner, that has a success rate of 70-80 % for fixing laptops and allowing them to be reused (valuable free info for owners of laptops :).

We met the members of Smehomat, who decided to create a free demonstration video for one of the organisations presenting at the 3rd Sharing Day. We have enlisted and are now hoping for the best!

Among other things, I liked the idea of ex​​changing a product that you do not need for something you do. Given that this is an event that takes place once a year, there was a lot of choice among things for exchanging. I guess everybody would find something for him or herself.

While I was there, Luka, another wlan slovenija member, stopped by and we had an interesting debate about all the problems in the world and how to solve them :).

At the event I also met people from ProstoRož. This is a group of people who are engaged in revitalizing public spaces in many different ways and Sharing Day was just one of the events that take place in Park Tabor every Saturday. ProstoRož were one of the two main organizers, the second was as always Slovenia Coworking.

I am starting to really love and embrace the concept of Sharing Day. I hope that it will develop further, grow even more and since I have participated on all of them till now, I hope another one will happen again next year and that I will be able to present the ideas of wlan slovenija once more.