KORUZA grows: Thank you Shuttleworth foundation SL

In October 2013 I was awarded Shuttleworth Flash Grant which enabled me to further pursue the development of the wireless optical KORUZA and create a good basis for future work. The past months have been very busy and produced quite exceptional outcomes.

  • Designed the serial communication system for OpenWrt that takes a fresh approach to data acquisition and control of electronic circuits that connect via the serial port. We believe this is the best way yet to handle KORUZA control as well as many other applications, from sensors to robots.

  • Developed KORUZA to a whole new level, integrating the 3D printed prototype in an outdoor suitable design, successfully tested it over more then 100m, evaluated the performance and iterated the procedure to fix all the noted problems as well as adding new features. The results of this work now enable test deployments and further development of the system.
  • Implemented a remote flashing approach for TI ARM based microcontrollers, enabling remote upgrades of KORUZA as well as giving the whole hacker community a fresh way of approaching to developing and improving their creations.

Thank you, Shuttleworth Foundation, for all this! And special thanks to Jernej, who actively developed software solutions. Thank you all for various kinds of support!

The Shuttleworth Foundation