Connecting TI ARM based Launchpad with OpenWrt SL

The ever present challenge of deploying microcontroller circuits to remote locations and upgrading the code on the go is elegantly solved by combining OpenWrt routers with Texas Instruments Tiva C Launchpad device, connected via USB. This ARM based development board contains a USB-UART bridge as well as a JTAG programmer and debugger, allowing for easy communication and programming. By porting the lm4flash utility to OpenWrt, we can now easily program and possibly debug remote deployments based on this board.

Such approach enables scenarios where rapid deployment is required, adding hardware support but enabling it in future firmware releases. KORUZA is an ideal example of such approach, primarily focused on the hardware development with bare minimum controller firmware features, that are to be upgraded in the future. That includes auto-tracking algorithms, sensors and other applications. Tiva C Launchpad with a 80MHz ARM processor and 256kB ram leaves a lot room for software improvements and becomes very "hackable" with this simple remote programming method. Combining lm4flash together with our KORUZA controller software it also enables automatic reset of the controller in the case that it stops responding to commands.