KORUZA grows: NLnet grant SL

NLnet foundation has awarded a grant for development of the wireless gigabit optical system KORUZA to Luka Mustafa - Musti and his newly founded non-profit NGO Institute IRNAS Rače, aimed at providing formal support and create a working environment for development of open-source systems, combining and integrating knowledge ranging from mechanical design and 3D printing, to electronics and software development of nodewatcher and other applications.

nlnet IRNAS

koruza-gen3-1.jpg koruza-gen3-2.jpg koruza-gen3-3.jpg

The awarded grant enables the continued development initiated by the Shuttleworth Flash grant in October with three short-term goals for KORUZA, each bringing it a step closer to a deployable and truly useful system:

  • Development of a 3D printable outdoor KORUZA version for long term experimentation, enabling the creation of a worldwide simultaneous free-space optical experiment, evaluating the performance of this low-cost design and with a large range of sensors observing the micro-climate affecting annual reliability and identifying errors in the design and environmental disturbers.
  • Modification of KORUZA sub-systems to be standalone and useful for a wider range of applications, publishing them open-source as soon as possible.
  • Deployment of first 3 experimental KORUZA links with basic sensors and test equipment to start evaluating the performance as soon as possible, feeding results back into new generations of prototypes.

The first KORUZA outdoor prototype (3rd gen) is currently under initial outdoor testing and the results are proving to be very useful, identifying the need for a complete mechanical redesign of the system for the 4th generation prototype that is currently in the works. The 4G prototype will be of a simpler construction while being more robust and reliable.