3D printer for KORUZA development SL

The development of wireless optical system KORUZA created the need for low-cost and reliable 3D printer suitable for printing ABS plastic with speed and precision. Instead of just buying one, Musti has set out to improve on the open source 3D printer Ultimaker by leading a group build project in Društvo elektronikov Slovenije (hobby electronics society). The finished 3D printer has proven to be very useful, the construction of KORUZA prototypes being a very good proof of it along with a range of exciting projects by other members of the society. The sources are available at Thingiverse and the Društvo elektronikov web page.

Troublemaker-01.jpg Troublemaker-02.jpg Troublemaker-03.jpg Troublemaker-04.jpg Troublemaker-05.jpg Troublemaker-06.jpg Troublemaker-07.jpg Troublemaker-08.jpg