SIF - public consultation for the Preservation of open and neutral Internet SL

On Thursday, 2/13/2014 we from the wlan Slovenia attended public consultation for the Preservation of open and neutral Internet in the hall of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport. The event was very interesting but it seemed to have been under-represented from the "opposite side" because a lot of invitees did not respond to the invitation.


Among the main conclusions of the event was emphasizing the separation of content from Internet access (called net neutrality) as this was the main reason for the incredible growth of the Internet. There wes also questioning of the meaningfulness of collecting metadata from mobile operators, because subscribers have to pay for doing this (with a higher subscription fee for mobile services) and there are no results about usefulness of that. There was also talk about the law on gambling (Article 114) how much sense is there to block access to websites via DNS because solution for avoiding this blocade is too simple.

We from wlan slovenija also contributed two comments in connection with a government trojan and another regarding the law on gambling in article 114. With the trojan it seems wise to wait until the usage is better tested abroad so that we do not need to learn from our mistakes but the mistakes of others. About censorship of websites with the law on gambling, we emphasize on hypocrisy of UNPIS. In Slovenia there are 9 casinos . Of these, 9 are 8 located on the border with Italy . We tried to point out that the casinos are there because of Italian guests and how UNPIS has no problems with Italians spending money from Italy and pay taxes to Slovenia. If, however Slovenians gamble online and spend money somewhere else they see problems.

Video of the conference (in Slovene) is below: