Ambient connectivity SL

A very interesting article which argues why ambient connectivity is important and gives some nice ideas surrounding it. Ambient connectivity is connectivity between devices on a global scale which is always available, anywhere you go, an open and standardized access so that any device can easily communicate with other devices, services, servers. Currently it is really hard to create such a device, which would just be able to build upon the connectivity available, without having to deal with different connectivity issues, different ways we are connecting our devices together. Why devices have to connect differently to each other when they are physically close than when they are on different parts of the world? Today, you often can connect to the Internet and servers there, but connecting two devices together even when they are close often has to include a third party (a cloud?) to help.

It is of course not necessary to be so. There are historical reasons why our current ways we connect developed in this way, but we can of course decide for another path. This is exactly what we are building in wlan slovenija network, among other things. Our network is really a network in the sense that any device connected to the network can communicate directly with any other device in the network. It is open, any device can connect to it and just communicate. In an open and standard-based way. This is not by chance but by design. We want the network to showcase what is and could be possible if connectivity would just be available anywhere.

Additionally, looking at historical reasons why current common ways to connect to develop this way, through traditionally telecommunication operators and with same mentality, we can notice that we are deploying the network in a very different way, by encouraging and empowering people to deploy the connectivity themselves. It is an interesting question if this is just a coincidence, or it is really required to build networks in a different way for them to be open and allow direct connectivity between all devices.