Slovenian Internet Forum founded SL

On Tuesday, September 24 2013, at 15 o'clock in big hall at Ministry of Education, Science and Sport there was a public consultation with title Vloga države pri Internetu (Role of the government in Internet). wlan slovenija network participated despite not being invited. We hoped to present alternative introductory points based on our experience with Internet which we have by empowering users of Internet and not just look at them as customers of a service.

To our surprise, what looked like a small consultation, without any mention in the invitation, the event turned into founding of the Slovenian Internet Forum, which is planned to provide support to the state in decisions connected with Internet. Founding act was prepared and 1 2 3, Slovenian Internet Forum was founded. The feeling of us present in the hall was that we are there just so that somebody can check the checkbox that things were made publicly. But were they really? Why there was no word about this in advance? Why there was nothing about it in the invitation? Why there were no invitations made to participate in it? What was the process of choosing the founding members and participants? What exactly are the powers the forum has and who all can have a voice or vote in it? What is the content of the founding act? What rights and duties the government has towards the forum?

We are worried that such covert way of establishing are in contradiction to the nature of Internet. Openness and democracy are founding block of Internet. The way the forum was founded much more resembles processes when ACTA was tried to be passed.