DeltaLibre visit SL

Last weekend I visited DeltaLibre wireless community network near Buenos Aires in Argentina. It is a part of AlterMundi networks and map of their nodes can be seen here. They do not have much written about their network or technologies online, so it was even more interesting to learn about the network first-hand.

The network grows around the river delta at the north of Buenos Aires. Delta is full of small islands so there was not much motivation from commercial Internet providers to try and deliver the Internet there. So inhabitants are organizing their own wireless community network to have access to the Internet. During my visit, they organized an event so I met many members of the community and learned about the technologies they are using. Together with others they are developing an Libre-Mesh firmware using B.A.T.M.A.N. and BMX6 routing protocols and IPv6. They use various WiFi equipment and deploy it all around the delta. I explained to them the architecture of wlan slovenija network and our use of Tunneldigger VPN and how this solves many issues community networks face when they grow. We discussed pros and cons of using captive portal in the network and various strategies around their configuration. Moreover, we talked about how to make network sustainable and how to even manage to get people employed and what this means for the nature of the network.

The best moment was seeing a wide smile on their network's user's face while she was happily connected to the Internet in the middle of the jungle.