AMCIS2013 Day 1 – Travelling to Chicago SL

Thanks to all the supporters the long journey began at Ljubljana Airport, heading to Frankfurt with an early morning flight, from there continuing to Detroit and finally Chicago, good 18 hours later. Rather uneventful journey with several security checks and some odd looks at me for flying there for just a few days. Flying low above Chicago on the approach to O'Hare airport was interesting, I have observed an incredible number of golf courses, pretty much every few blocks. Guessing the vicinity of Lake Michigan makes the terrain exceptionally suitable for golf, but comparably unsuitable for wireless communications.

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Cell phone and Wi-Max towers can be seen almost every mile, usually having an eye-catching inverted tear-drop shape of white color. As 4G and LET networks are being rolled out, it is important to note that wired broadband networks are extremely underrepresented, with FTTH barely available even in huge blocks of flats in the most developed downtown areas. Gigabit Squared is working towards building FTTH in richest neighborhoods of Chicago downtown by 2015, compared to quite some cities in Europe that have it already. At the same time indicating a real need for Koruza wireless optical system, that is suitable for branching out this capacity to a much wider population.

Taking the CTA blue line metro to the hostel was the another show of how different US, with all the huge trucks and gas-guzzling cars rolling on the highway, rather wide roads as such, typical barrel type main transformers hung on the poles, flags every once in a while and contrast of welfare of neighbourhoods, the difference of just a few blocks.

Luckily, the hostel was located in a very nice university area with really nice old houses and quiet streets. The short evening tour of the area and some nice hot-dogs and burgers in the hostel were enough for the day, getting energy for the AMCIS conference the next morning.

AMCIS2013 Day 2 – Conference