AMCIS2013 Day 3 – Exploring Wireless Chicago SL

Last morning in Chicago was dedicated to exploring community wireless in Chicago and other interesting things going on. I have met up with Todd from Chicago WiFi Project to show me around, discuss community networks and view Chicago for a different perspective. We have visited Pumping Station: One hackerspace. A very interesting location with everything from Micro Beer Brewery to Scanning Electron Microscope, from welding and metalwork to 3D printing and electronics, respect for running such a space, should have them everywhere.

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Continuing with the debate of open development and sustainable growth, there is a truly an American way of setting up an organization for promoting your ideas – a church. Open Source Temple organization is supporting the development of an open wireless network in Chicago, as well as aiming to support various sustainable development projects by looking forward to providing people with basic living conditions for exchange of at least of 20h a week work on such projects. Quite an idea, lets hope it is sustainable.

We have continued the rout of Chicago by heading to Multi Kulti space where the Chicago WiFi Project office is located, while stopping at a computer store to pick up routers for setting up a few wlan slovenija nodes in Chicago. I have found an interesting TP-Link router MR3040 to test, including a battery for mobile use. Will explore pairing it with a solar cell to create a self sustainable wlan slovenija node. A discussion has been opened up how to apply similar approach to community network deployment as in Slovenia to Chicago, involving a range of people with various skills, not just computer enthusiasts, to as effectively as possible bring as many people as possible online. Ideas for long therm collaboration have been planted.

Half of the day has been over very fast and I have had to head for the airport to begin the long journey home. Again rather uneventful flight to Ljubljana via Amsterdam, just accumulating additional jetlag. This trip to Chicago has been short, but very productive, motivational and possibly beneficial for the growth of another community network as well as another motivational factor for further development of KORUZA.

Thank you to all supporters who enabled me to visit Chicago and attend the conference. The story has begun, Koruza is growing.

AMCIS2013 Day 3 – Exploring Wireless Chicago