AMCIS2013 Day 2 – Conference SL

Planning to make the most of the day and the AMCIS2013 conference, it was an early morning. Headed downtown with CTA metro and had a short walk around the area to find the Hilton hotel and conference center, dealt with the registration and planned out the day to attend interesting presentations as well as to have my own one.

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The paper presentation session IS and the Smart Grid has been very interesting to attend, with presentations on the effect of electric cars in the next decade on the electric grid and optimization of infrastructure growth by using Smart Grid systems as well as Using a Living Lab Methodology for Developing Energy Savings Solutions development approach. I believe it is proving to be one of the bridges between full open source development with community organically created around it and classical Research and Development approach. Check out Open Living Labs, there are some in Slovenia as well.

One quick lunch later and learning about interesting work from a few students, I have chaired a round table session IS Usage and Application in Asia as well as presented the paper Reintroducing Free-Space Optical Technology to Community Wireless Networks I have authored with Dr. Benn Thomsen at the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at University College London, discussing and presenting the development of a low-cost 1Gbps wireless optical system and the study of its implementation in community wireless network around the world. Very positive feedback and supportive comments have furthermore increased the motivation for continuing the development of my wireless optical system Koruza.

In the session Dr. Thomas F. Stafford presented the paper Assessing Internet Source Credibility discussing how users decide to trust different sources of software, where not that surprisingly one of the key factors is the cosmetic look of the websites. Edwin Jose Basto Maldonado presented the paper Bogota Mesh a Model of CWN to Help Reduce the Digital Divide, discussing the impact of the community mesh network Bogota Mesh in poor neighborhoods of Bogota and showing the huge impact of a network with thus-far just a few nodes. Keep up the good work!

Before the evening conference party I have taken a few hours to walk around downtown, explore the Grant Park and places around it, walked to BestBuy across the Roosevelt road Bridge to be disappointed with the Internet access there, apparently they have such a bad uplink and too many devices on the network. Haven't heard about that problem in any European store with computers. :) Conference organizers have really done their best to arrange the party at The Art Institute of Chicago and have a private viewing of exhibition Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity. With a classical music band and very tasty food in the garden, the evening was very enjoyable.

AMCIS2013 Day 3 – Exploring Wireless Chicago