Successful colaboration at HISTeRIA etno festival 2013 is behind us SL


Up to 50 connected users used wlan slovenia network at once for browsing the web at the HISTeRIA festival scene, at the marketplace, in front of the main stage and surroundings.

Connection to the world at the event was possible thanks to the elementary school Gračišče. Internet access was needed at info center which was located relatively close (150 m) and at the venue (700 m away). At school we used the focused antenna with WR741ND router that was looking towards the event, at the info center we used WR741ND router with a basic antenna which proved enough for interconnection. Setting up a wireless network at the event turned out as a unique challenge. Because there was no permanent electrical power and no vision to the school until we climbed to the top of the tallest tree in the area. In the absence of a permanent source of electrical power, we used so-called "Internet bowl TM" ;). This is 7 x 1.2 Ah battery pack and 10 W solar panel. The solar panel supplied electricity to the batteries and router during the day and over the night the batteries took over. This was also the first real equipment test if one 10 W solar panel can supply enough electricity for routers throughout the day for more than 5 weeks. The equipment was operated very reliably as there were no problems. Due to the aforementioned limitations, we could set up just a single router with oriented antenna. Although the antenna was oriented there was still enough signal radiated in all directions around the node so that visitors were able to connect to the Internet from a distance. It is interesting that visitors didn't know where the equipment was located.

Connected clients

The first part of wlan slovenija team arrived on Thursday, when we started building improvised stand at the most visible part of the market, next to the info point, with the view of the main stage. By prior arrangement we had some material for a flat surface (shelves), which has been prepared for us to make a table. One of the chairs supplied also needed few repairs, but in the end it all looked neat and pleasant to work. We had also spread an electricity cable over 50 m in length, so there were no problems with accessing to power, except that it was all powered by generators.

On Friday other half of the team arrived with equipment. It started with a missing arm bracelet that was used for identification on the festival due to a misunderstanding in the team. That was successfully solved after a few calls and some waiting. We started presenting our project in the afternoon when it was time to turn the generators on. It was soon clear that we needed a shadow, which we also improvised with the near laying planks and spare canvas for the stand. See picture below of the completed stand. Suspected lack of IP addresses proved to be the real problem, so we reflashed the node with a new limit of 254 users. After some nodewatcher graph refreshes, we saw that the number of users exceeded 30. In the evening, after we closed our stand, we continued with our gold reserve of limited edition of Becherovka to celebrate successful stand building. :)

Saturday was calm. Nikola, our friend created bulbous balloon logo, before he had to work on his workshop for making balloon structures. Our logo proved to be a difficult challenge so we agreed on a compromise. Meanwhile, we prepared poster of keywords and information about the network, and presentation of the idea what wlan slovenia brings to a community.

On Sunday we knocked down the stand and wrecked our stand into initial state, said goodbye, and made plans for the next meeting and the next festival.

It was a great festival of fine music, puppetry, theater and other artists in an excellent atmosphere with eco-oriented ideas.

000 Vedro interneta 001 Inštalacija 002 Postavitev stojnice s streho za senco 003 Kosilo 004 Promocijska ekipa 005 Petkovo druženje s posebno izdajo Beherovke 006 LOGObalon zasnova 007 Razvoj in izvedba 008 Ustvarjanje predstavitve 009 LOGObalon beta 010 LOGObalon RC 011 WLAN posvet 012 Vsebina stojnice