The 2nd Sharing day happened / Sharing day 2013 SL

On Saturday, June 1 2013, wlan slovenija joined other groups and individuals who promote the concept of sharing and so-called sharing economy, and presented its idea of connecting, sharing and contributing to the common good at the 2nd Sharing day.

This year there was no general organizer like Slovenia Coworking was last year, so on the initiative of Eva Perčič all of the participants agreed on organizing the event themselves. Due to fickle weather we could not gather in Creative zone Šiška as planned initially, but Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture have kindly offered to lend their premisses, resulting in the 1st floor turning into a facility for distribution of ideas.

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Volunteers of wlan slovenija initiative have explained to interested individuals how our network works, that everyone can participate and we have even set-up 8 new nodes on the spot. In the meantime, other initiatives were presenting their ideas; from discussions about crowdfunding, money, a film presentation, free books distribution, open couch and logosynthesis, to open source operating systems, computers for disadvantaged, promoting of creative industries, creative commons movies, books and music sharing, and exchanging ideas on the topic of clothes and finally sharing goodies all participants brought along and preparing a real "sharing-lunch" for all present. Ideas were recorded in this document and some findings are written on the side of the event itself.

We at wlan slovenija will continue to take part in such events with pleasure, promoting the idea of sharing services, goods and knowledge. All like-minded are invited to join. =)