Deliberant equipment received for testing SL

Deliberant, a manufacturer of wireless equipment has kindly sent us several of their products for review and testing in a community wireless network. We really appreciate it and thank them for this kind action.

A range of 5GHz 802.11an devices from Deliberant will allow us to perform test setups and compare the performance to Ubiquiti devices used at the moment. First impressions Deliberant units are of mixed sort. Some very clever engineering can be seen in the assembly of these devices, especially the small APC Propeller 5 consists of several pieces that nicely fit together and provide a convenient way of connecting and mounting it, while keeping it suitable for outdoor use. Quite impressive that it is this small, has a 15dB antenna and a USB port as well.

APC M5 90 AP base station with 90 degree beam-width and CPE/AP devices APC M5 12 and APC M5 18 are very interesting as they look promising for point-to-multipoint or point-to-point links at a very reasonable cost. We sure will push them to their limits and report on the performance.

While DeliberantOS looks at first rather complicated and a bit less intuitive then more consumer oriented devices, it may be quite a lot friendlier when we get to know it better. Unfortunately there is no openwrt support as of this moment or SDK that would allow OLSRd or other routing protocols to be added, so proper use of these devices our network is not yet possible, unless used as L2 transparent bridges.

More tests to be performed and reported in the following months.

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