wlan slovenija online shop opening SL

On Wednesday, February 27 2013, wlan slovenija organized the ceremonial opening of our non-profit online shop at Ljudmila premises. After a brief presentation of wlan slovenija network and our control system nodewatcher, we took a short break and refreshed ourselves with goodies on the table. Through casual conversations we answered questions from visitors, made new acquaintances, we looked for the first customer for our shop and "did business" by finding new people who wanted to participate in our network by installing new nodes. Available were also wlan slovenija badges, stickers, and t-shirts. The first customer in our shop was awarded with being the first person to cut into our cake. We finished the event with everybody having a piece of cake and chatting till late at our friendly Ljudmila hosts. Thank you everybody who came by!

In our online shop you can order nodes and t-shirts and similar merchandise.

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Photographs: Helena Božič

Evropska komisija, GD za izobraževanje in kulturo Mladi v Akciji Zavod Movit

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