Backbone on FRI SL

On the Faculty of Computer and Information Science building we had for few years a node operating on 2.4 GHz with external horizontally polarized omnidirectional antenna, using Fonera for router. Because the node stopped working few weeks ago, we decided that we will at the same time both replace it and setup a new backbone node in Ljubljana on the roof of the building. During our hackaton we went to the roof on the Wednesday and found that the router was completely submersed into the water because somebody turned the enclosure upside-down. We made an inventory of the equipment necessary for installation of a new backbone node and replacement of the old node. The next day we flashed new equipment and prepared it for installation on the roof. Installation was performed without complications and and testing has been successfully. In the evening, we successfully tested connection from Ljubljana Castle.

Backbone 001 Backbone 002 Backbone 003 Backbone 004 Backbone 005 Backbone 006 Backbone 007 Backbone 008 Backbone 009 Backbone 010 Backbone 011 Backbone 012 Backbone 013 Backbone 014 Backbone 015 Backbone 016 Backbone 017 Backbone 018 Backbone 019 Backbone 020 Backbone 021 Backbone 022 Backbone 023 Backbone 024 Backbone 025 Backbone 026 Backbone 027 Backbone 028 Backbone 029 Backbone 030 Backbone 031

On the roof there is now:

We would also want to thank the Faculty of Computer and Information Science for the donation of the equipment for this node installation.