wlan slovenija hackaton 2012 SL

We extended initial idea about nodewatcher hackaton into full-blown wlan slovenija hackaton 2012 where we will work on:

  • new version of nodewatcher (node database)
  • webpage and integration of webstore into it
  • circuit development and the rest for sensors which we are attaching to our nodes
  • other development and administrative things (organizing and cleaning content on the wiki, webpage, warehouse ...)

Everybody is invited. Even if you just have a question or an issue, we can work on it together. In general, this is a great opportunity to get to know a bit better the network, how we do things and technologies we are using.

Hackaton will be between December 26th and 30th 2012 and it will take place at Ljudmila, Rimska 8, in Ljubljana. Every day between 10 AM and 6 PM. If needed even longer and into late night hours. Furthermore, we will work at Faculty of Computer and Information Science as well (we have a warehouse there and we will be upgrading a node there).

Everybody who would like to come, please mark yourself here so that we will better know what and how (much food and drinks we have to prepare). We are not voting for any timeslot, we are just collecting data in one place. You are also invited to bring drinks and/or food with you. Bonus points for home-made food!

If you need transport to Ljubljana or even place to sleep, tell on talk mailing list and let us see if something can be coordinated.