nodewatcher hackaton SL

We are planning to have a nodewatcher hackaton few days between December 26th and 30th 2012. Probably in Ljubljana (but you can suggest some other place). The idea is that we move to nodewatcher 3.0 (the new rewrite of what we have currently) and deploy it for wlan slovenija network, so that we can move further with support for all other things we want (backbone routers, sensors, etc.).

If anybody wants to attend, please tell us. We are searching for programmers, designers, but also just people who would like to work on wiki and other things which have to be organized/done are invited. It is easier to work together, we can faster coordinate and teach each other.

So if you ever wanted to start contributing to wlan slovenija project, this is the time. Mostly just will to do so is required. We can always find some work.