wlan slovenija statistics SL

Doing proper measurements and statistics is hard. In wlan slovenija network we are using nodewatcher system to monitor the network and collect various measurements which help us understand how network behaves, see and even predict possible issues, fix them, or just enjoy watching how the network is growing. But as in any live organism, the network being one, many things are all the time changing. We are developing new software and hardware solutions and through time discrepancies happen. For example, more than an year ago we started experimenting with new generation of wlan slovenija firmware and now it just happens than more than half of wlan slovenija nodes are using this experimental firmware. Consequence is that nodewatcher does not correctly measure all aspects of firmware's behavior as it was developed for older firmware version so statistics reported are not correct anymore. We are planing to upgrade nodewatcher but in meantime we decided to reconstruct some statistics from other data we have.

One question we wanted to answer is how many users have used wlan slovenija until now (November 27 2012). In experimental firmware we are not using captive portal anymore but our count of users in nodewatcher is linked to information reported by it. Luckily, we do collect information about DHCP leases from which we can approximately reconstruct users. It seems wlan slovenija has been until now useful to somebody 267528 times. We are very proud of this!

Clients connected to the network

Plot above shows distribution of concurrently connected users to the network through time. The red line show average number for each day, while lines bellow and above shows minimum and maximum number of users connected to the network, respectively. As we can see there is all the time somebody connected to the network and average number of users is slowly growing. Now we have every day more than 100 concurrent users who are using the network. Interesting are peaks, for example on August 23, 24, and 25 2012. With even 316 simultaneous users on August 25. At that time wlan slovenija network was used to cover Pannonian Challenge XIII event and some other speaks can be also connected with similar events where the network was used to cover the area for users. But some speaks are left unexplained.