Thank you, Shuttleworth Foundation! SL

In April 2012 I was awarded Shuttleworth Flash Grant which enabled me to, together with others, rise wlan slovenija activities to the new level in the following 5 months. In this time we used grant to:

  • Design and produce telemetry and telecontrol systems used for attaching various sensors to nodes and being able to reboot nodes remotely, which is essential for network node deployments on remote locations, like hilltops. Of course, all open source and open hardware.
  • Organize electronic workshops with local youth, providing them free electronic parts and equipment.
  • Donated towards an airticket to Ljubljana, Slovenia, so that a representative from the community radio in Nairobi, Kenya, could attend workshop Autonomous Interactive Radio.
  • Made wlan slovenija t-shirts which we will be using to bootstrap our webstore as a type of donations. We expect it to be a smart investment.
  • Created permanent international wireless links to Austria and Croatia, for the first time in history connecting three European community wireless networks. This concluded two years of preparations and international cooperation, finally managed to get all necessary equipment and locations.
  • Painted many antennas and thus again showed that wlan slovenija is much more than just about the technology.

Thank you, Shuttleworth Foundation, for all this! And special thanks to Barbara, who took over most of the organization, and Musti, who did the technical parts. Of course, many many more were and are involved, too. Thank you all.

Shuttleworth Foundation

Details of all our expenditure is publicly available.