Wireless Summit 2012 – Final day SL

Barcelona was a nice place for International wireless summit for Community wireless networks 2012, a very interesting well organized conference. The final day was organized in a unconference format allowing for free discussion on ideas, collaboration and cooperation for the next few years and sharing ideas that will change the world.

This post can not be long enough to encapsulate all good projects and ideas of the conference, thus I am only bringing up a few.

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Commotion Wireless project is a well designed and good looking decentralized community network system with a nice and user friendly design, running some services on the routers themselves with auto-configuration and IP allocation systems, making uncoordinated setups a piece of cake. Such an idea very well ties together with Project Byzantium, a live Linux system that converts any computer into a mesh network device and can be used in the case of an emergency, by simply booting the system of a CD or USB. Compatibility with in the previously mentioned project Serval was discussed on the conference and the ground for cooperation has been established.

Discussions made way for the idea to create a worldwide community network knowledge database, serving as a guide to the first steps in community networks, promoting this noble use of free time. I have hosted a brief presentation of the redesigned Telemetry and telecontrol device that confirmed the need for it in networks worldwide, several participants were keen on using it as soon as possible, thus I am putting extra effort on achieving this.

To wrap up, the conference was a success and is definitely worth attending again. I would like to thank Open Technology Institute and New America Foundation for providing travel and participant fee funding and organizing the event, confirming All you need is a few people with a great idea to change the world. Furthermore, I would like to thank Shuttleworth Foundation for providing funding which makes developing and researching telemetry and telecontrol devices possible, and Youth in action programme which enabled me to wear wlan slovenija t-shirt, promoting the project abroad.