Wireless Summit 2012 – Day 2 and 3 SL

The International wireless summit for Community wireless networks 2012 kicked of very well, presentations sparking up ideas and discussions, bringing all the participants up to the speed in a range of interesting topics.

IS4CWNday2-001 IS4CWNday2-002 IS4CWNday2-003 IS4CWNday2-004

The hackspace debate about Telemetry and telecontrol device "destroyed" the current design, but provided me with enough feedback and constructive arguments, to have a completely new design almost ready for the prototyping stage. The main changes include a new base board Stellaris Launchpad, that boasts an ARM M4F for about the same price as the old MSP430 Launchpad. The main design change is the board stacking, allowing for up to 16 independently controlled and sensed channels up to 8A per channel and board, at least 16A per stack. Reliability of the design remains the key requirement, further options for temperature sensing and shutdown will be available.

OLSRd presentation shone light onto the new version and boasted confidence about the protocol as it is being even more actively and full time developed, moving towards a completely new version with a significant range of improvements and much better plugin support.

Serval project for device to device communication (Android phone implementation at the moment) in disaster and emergency situations, when the cell phone infrastructure fails. Latest developments indicate significant improvements in the communication protocols, store-and-forward communication methods. Key development challenges remaining are mostly connected to hardware expansion of mobile platforms, alternative radio communications and environment interfacing. A few proof of concept deployments around the world have been presented as they prove the usefulness and space for the system. This project is as well as wlan slovenija partially funded by the Shuttleworth Fundation. Thank you.

My presentation of the VALET: Very Affordable Laser Ethernet Transceiver sparked quite a discussions that has proven a need for a cheap, simple and effective free space optical system, that can be employed by community networks.

The conference continues with an evening party and tomorrows un-conference sessions about most interesting topics of the conference.