New painted antennas SL

Antennas have once again proved to be an excellent painting surface. Six new colorful antennas, two of which are already set and functioning, have joined the three antennas painted before. Two of them are painted with leaves, which try to camouflage them or just connect them with the natural environment. The third one is decorated with four birds, which hopefully won't be confusing the real birds, and the next two are covered in abstract ornaments. The biggest antenna, about meter and a half in diameter, is painted with a slightly modified wlan slovenija logo so it will additionally promote the network. The last one is painted with a city scene, because it is currently in Ljubljana and is still awaiting its placement. wlan slovenija antennas are being painted in order to diversify the environment of the growing wlan slovenija network and make it more noticeable. Everyone is welcome to participate in the network, from painting to soldering.

01 listasta antena.jpg 02 Ptiči antena.jpg 03 Rdečeoranžna.jpg 04 črnobela antena.jpg 05 wlansi antena.jpg 06 Mesto antena.jpg 07 škatlica.jpg 08 PoslikavaAnten2-172.jpg PoslikavaAnten 01.jpg PoslikavaAnten 02.jpg PoslikavaAnten 03.jpg PoslikavaAnten 04.jpg PoslikavaAnten 05.jpg