DIY 5GHz dish feed and inverted Bullet M5 mounting SL

Increasing popularity of digital and cable TV has decreased the popularity of satellite TV reception, leaving quite a few satellite dishes unused and full of dust. They can be modified for use in WiFi networks, also for the 5GHz band.

I have modified a satellite dish per instructions and photos of ham radio operator YU1AW for 3D corner 5GHz dish feed. Read more.

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A satellite dish with 80cm diameter served as a basis for modification. LNB was replaced with Truncated 3D Corner Reflector Feed for Offset Dish at 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi, made of thin copper, female N connector and some copper electrodes.

Firstly, the focus of the original antenna had to be determined, which is about 4-5cm inside the LNB in most cases. This is easily done by placing at least three strings on the dish outer edge and fixing them together with a knot just in from of the LNB. Then the LNB can be removed, mounting arm shortened and the 3D corner feed mounted in the focus.

Important: 3D corner feed should be isolated from the dish for protecting the router. For a better SNR ratio, the dish should be mounted upside down and grounded as well.

At the end, everything should be painted and router Bullet M5 can be mounted on the antenna, however additional protection is required for it to be waterproof. A plastic tube sealed on one side does the job.