International collaboration and wireless links are one of main components in wlan slovenija initiative, however they are slowly beginning to materialize as one in our efforts in the last year. Today we have established a test link with our Croatian colleagues from NEDwireless. The 65km link to Vučetinec in Croatia was a success and a good opportunity to test several systems and their performance and to meet again with friends as delegation from NEDwireless was helping also on our side. More details after photos.

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The system in Vučetinec on the Croatian side was Rocket M5 + RocketDish 30dB, mounted on an antenna tower, while there were several speaker stand systems mounted on our side. All routers used where from Ubiquiti, using AirOS v5 and AirMax technology with No ACK for point to point link. The test was performed with following setups:

Rocket M5 and RocketDish 30dB
Mimo 2x2, dual polarization. Very good link quality, max throughput 112Mbps (duplex), using 40MHz bandwidth. It had an advantage over 20MHz in throughput, however link quality was a bit lower.
Bullet M5 and offset satellite dish + DIY 5GHz corner feed (painted with QR code)
Single polarization. Good link quality, max throughput 62Mbps (duplex). Tested with 40MHz channel. Works surprisingly well, but the antenna is rather large, but nicely painted.
Nanobridge M5 25dB
Mimo 2x2, dual polarization. Router and antenna in one. Good link quality, slightly worse then RocketDish, max throughput 85Mbps (duplex). A cost effective solution that works surprisingly well on such a long distance.

Wireless link testing confirmed that the link is feasible and can be permanently set up. Testing different systems provided a good idea of their performance on long distance.