It's all about connectivity SL

I am using the moment of vacations on blog to publish two poems made on the wlan slovenija network theme. Author is Barbara Jurša.

It's all about connectivity. From me to you. Even this little poem
cannot exist without you, the reader. It's also helpful if it's put online,
where you can find it more easily. You don't even have to print it
and it's all here for you, for free. So let's communicate because it's joy

to do so, and let's be social change: let's propagate ideas that we can put
to use for something good. Let's share our experience as we feel we must
to be who we are: creatures who constantly need to grow, in knowledge,
understanding, and, mind you, dear reader, in love and appreciation.

Let's get connected, baby, let's keep in touch!
and let's keep in mind that we're all part and parcel
of a larger, global whole, for whose well-being and
unfolding we're all responsible. We MUST evolve.

You see, IT is never about "it", it's always about you
and me, and as every me is you to someone and every
you is someone's me, let's now all work in chorus:
"I hope one day you'll join us, and the world will be as one."