GSoC 2012: Web shop SL

In the process of updating and simplifying of website wlan slovenija and in the programs Google Summer of Code and Youth in Action, we will also set up an online store for easier distribution of ready made routers to all interested in participating in the network.

The purpose of shop is to enable and facilitate participation in the network to all who would wish to do so, especially those who would otherwise not know how to prepare their router to operate in the network. This shop, just as the entire initiative for building an open wireless network in Slovenia, will be non-profit and completely open and transparent. All costs of equipment and operation of shop will be presented directly to the buyer and she could decide how much she intends to contribute to reward the existence of the shop and support the operation and growth of the network. In addition to routers and other equipment, there will also be t-shirts, stickers and other promotional materials in the store and the possibility of direct donations, without purchase. Routers will come preloaded with wlan slovenija firmware for operating in the network, but they will not be locked-in and with some knowledge it will be possible to be configure them differently.

For the web shop I will use Django Shop, which is compatible with Django CMS, that we are using for the main page. For Django Shop I will make modules for shipping with Pošta Slovenija, payment with UPN and Moneta, I will also use module for payment with PayPal. If there will be time, I will make integration with Flattr, too.

Shop will be connected with another GSoC project from which I will get the quantity of items in the warehouse. It will also be connected with nodewatcher, so the user will register the node automatically in the process of purchasing.