Field day and FunkFeuer meeting in Dobl SL

On a very hot Saturday on 6th July, I went to ham radio Field day and meeting of FunkFeuer Weststeiermark under a huge antenna tower and next to the radio station Antenne in Dobl, Austria.

I saw a few known faces and got acquainted with quite a few more contributors to FunkFeuer project, enjoyed the heat, food and nice discussions about long distance wireless links, project Confine and hardware stuff. The opportunity was seized to give out a few wlan slovenija T-shirts and badges, spreading the word abroad.

The day was a success, we have discussed the last few details for establishing the wireless link Slovenija-Avstrija from mountain Pohorje, discovered a new appropriate router for use on our backbone locations, TP-Link WR842ND, that is cheap and even has an USB connector that is very suitable for our telemetry & telecontrol circuit currently in development.

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