GSoC 2012: Client Side Graph Drawing SL

For GSoC 2012, I am developing a library for drawing graphs like time series, scatter plots, or networks in your browser.

Currently plots of data collected in wlan slovenija network are rendered as static images using RRDtool. The server generates image files for predefined time spans and your browser then just displays them. Now, your browser will actually transfer the data from the server to your machine, plot the image, and display it. This will allow much more interesting and interactive visualizations of data.

I will retain the existing features:

Plots will be interactive, so you will be able to:

  • zoom in/out
  • add and concurrently display various data sources
  • pan through time
  • display node events overlayed on the plot
  • export selected data
  • select a scale (linear or logarithmic)
  • more

But first, I will review the existing tools. I am considering: Raphael, Cube and Cubism, flot, jqPlot, Protovis, InfoVis, Processing.js, plotkit, Highcharts JS, fooplot, Prototype, jQuery SVG. Read the follow up to this blog post for the review. Comments and suggestions on the selection of candidate library are certainly welcome!