Antenna Painting - QR SL

Antennas are usually white or gray. We consider them to be a piece of hardware and most people don't even notice them. Nonetheless, can antennas be interesting and visually appealing?

Around the world, more and more antennas are decorated. Some wish to merge their dishes into the environment thus they cover them with camouflage patterns, while others don't like the sight of rusty and drab antennas.

QRtization-dish-01.jpg QRtization-dish-02.jpg QRtization-dish-03.jpg QRtization-dish-04.jpg QRtization-dish-05.jpg QRtization-dish-06.jpg QRtization-dish-07.jpg QRtization-dish-08.jpg QRtization-dish-09.jpg QRtization-dish-10.jpg QRtization-dish-11.jpg QRtization-dish-12.jpg QRtization-dish-13.jpg QRtization-dish-14.jpg QRtization-dish-15.jpg QRtization-dish-16.jpg QRtization-dish-17.jpg QRtization-dish-18.jpg QRtization-dish-19.jpg QRtization-dish-20.jpg QRtization-dish-21.jpg QRtization-dish-22.jpg QRtization-dish-23.jpg QRtization-dish-24.jpg QRtization-dish-25.jpg QRtization-dish-26.jpg QRtization-dish-27.jpg QRtization-dish-28.jpg QRtization-dish-29.jpg QRtization-dish-30.jpg QRtization-dish-31.jpg QRtization-dish-32.jpg QRtization-dish-33.jpg

Painted antennas will surely become more common in the future as they represent an interesting cooperation between technology and art and enable the people to creatively interact with their environment, however this is not the case at the moment. wlan slovenija, as an open concept, incorporates the artistic into its technical ideas. Two antennas have already been painted before, while the next antenna was painted last Sunday.

I decided to paint the antenna with an image, which also sends a message. To inform the passers-by of the antenna's use, a QR code was painted on it, containing a link to the wlan slovenija webpage. Even without a smartphone, the code still represents an interesting visual decoration. Leaves and ornaments have been added to make the antenna look more organic and signify the coexistence of the technological and the natural. The QR code was painted manually, with paint for metals.

Painting the antenna was a fun experience and there are certainly more to follow!