GSoC 2012: Warehouse plugin SL

At present the wlan slovenija network utilizes a large amount of equipment (routers, antennas, cables) scattered across Slovenija. During GSoC 2012 I will implement a warehouse plugin for the nodewatcher system. This module will establish an inventory management system supported by unique number identifiers for equipment and tools used at wlan slovenija.

Additionally, the module will also provide support for relocating and assigning items from the wlan slovenija warehouse to different individuals and/or hot spot locations.

Special care will be taken to assure that all specific attributes (for example MAC address for routers or antenna polarization) including the data sheets will be saved into the database. Warehouse module will use existing Django user authentication schema used in nodewatcher.

The module is currently in very early development stage, so any suggestions/ideas are more than welcome to the dev mailing list.