Meeting at radio club ŠTUDENT S59DXX SL

On Saturday, June 16th in the morning, we had a meeting at the radio club ŠTUDENT S59DXX, at Tyrševa ulica 23 in Maribor, where we had a lot of fun al the way to the afternoon.

The meeting was very exciting. We started by setting up an Internet connection, we created a new wlan slovenija node, then we proceded by playing with Texas Instruments LaunchPad. We tryed out the Code Composer Studio and wrote our first software for LaunchPad.

DelavnicaS59DXX 001 DelavnicaS59DXX 002 DelavnicaS59DXX 003 DelavnicaS59DXX 004 DelavnicaS59DXX 005 DelavnicaS59DXX 006 DelavnicaS59DXX 007 DelavnicaS59DXX 008 DelavnicaS59DXX 009 DelavnicaS59DXX 010 DelavnicaS59DXX 011 DelavnicaS59DXX 012 DelavnicaS59DXX 013 DelavnicaS59DXX 014 DelavnicaS59DXX 015 DelavnicaS59DXX 016 DelavnicaS59DXX 017 DelavnicaS59DXX 018 DelavnicaS59DXX 019 DelavnicaS59DXX 020

After that we (actually failed that one) tried to connect an emulation board from LaunchPad to the router's serial but we found out the emulator operates at fixed 9600 baudrate and is not compatible with 115200bps baudrate from WR741ND routers. We also tryed out SMD variants of temperature sensors (DS18B20), which operate nicely but we were not able to connect them to routers because of a bug in OpenWrt.

Before parting we distributed work among us so we don't get bored in hot summer days. Fell free to cooperate!