Harvard's Berkman Center on mesh networks SL

Berkman Center for Internet & Society from Harvard has published a document evaluating the present and future of mesh networks, emphasizing the importance of improving public safety, as well as empowering and connecting the public. wlan slovenija is also a mesh network and we are aware of the importance of such networks nowadays, too, especially open and freely accessible ones.

The document was prepared during a workshop, where parties from different social groups have participated – from civil society organisations, academics, to government agencies and telecommunications industry representatives. Similar to our findings they have concluded how such networks act organic, as much on technology levels, where they automatically adapt to changes in the network – new nodes, nodes' disconnects – and are healing this way, as on the level of people who are building such networks from the bottom up in a seemingly uncoordinated process, that is forming the network into an increasingly robust and widespread connection manner for people on the other hand.