Shuttleworth Foundation Flash Grant SL

Shuttleworth Foundation is an organisation supporting socially engaged ideas and projects. They provide means for project development and thus help people with visions about changing the societies focus on their ideas. Their main goal and purpose is:

"To assist persons or projects to effect or which are otherwise involved in social change, with social change being the process whereby values, attitudes or institutions of society, such as education, family and industry become modified, to include both the natural process and action programs initiated by members of the community or any other person." Source: Wikipedia

Shuttleworth Foundation

One of the invitees to apply for Flash Grant funding in the amount of 5.000 USD was also me. I have applied in April 2012 and have been chosen to receive the funding, the only condition was to publish their logotype on our blog for a period of six months and a blog post on how the money was spent for the idea's development. More on the application, answer and conditions can be read here. Such support is pure motivation, a confirmation our project is set well and is enabling certain phases to be carried out faster. Therefore many thanks to the Foundation, not only for the financial means, but also for recognising our concept as good and socially beneficial.