Introducing TidePools: Social WiFi SL

Our attention was drawn to an interesting projct called TidePools, that allows local users of the wireless network to communicate, get connected, inform each other about events, interesting happenings, dangers, and add content in a playful way.

TidePools Screenshot 1 TidePools Screenshot 2

The project shares some findings we have thought of as well, namely that a community, connected through a network, people who use the network, should be connected, integrated into the network in other ways, too. That it is not only about a one-way, but about a multidimensional communication space, where the network becomes more than just a tool providing access to the Internet.

At wlan slovenija we started working on a project called PiplMesh with the main purpose being the development of an open source social networking and info portal for wireless networks, that will be used as a welcome page for users connecting into a network. The portal is being developed within a course on Faculty of Computer and Information Science.

In Red Hook, a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, USA, a slightly different, more visually targeted approach was taken, where users add content via a map. Local users have been worked with, who were given a chance to come up with ideas and actively participate in finding solutions. Take a look at the video and read more about the MFA thesis that is becoming a successful socialy engaged project.