On a nice and sunny, though windy day, we climbed the lookout tower on Pohorje with our antennas and set up two test links. One, 42 km long one to a church on the hill Wolfgangi in Austria where Robert OE6RKE set up antennas towards Pohorje. We have established the link successfully, reaching real throughput up to 35 Mbps, further motivating us for a permanent installation of this link. Including today and on the previous testing we have three tested links with Austria and will be setting up them permanently soon.

Furthermore, a test link was established to our new backbone extension in Haloze, where Ubiquiti AirMax Omni antenna is used for the first time in our network. It performs very well indeed.

More results from this testing can be found here.

PohorjeTesting 001 PohorjeTesting 002 PohorjeTesting 003 PohorjeTesting 004 PohorjeTesting 005 PohorjeTesting 006