wlan slovenija presented at Google's SL

On 22th and 23th October 2011 there was Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit in Mountain View, California. Google Summer of Code is Google's program for encouraging students to work on open-source projects during their summer break. Because this year wlan slovenija network participated in this program for the second time, we decided to participate also in this summit and get to know other mentors, other open-source projects and organizations, exchange our experiences, learn something new, and improve our connections and collaborations with others.

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We went to the meeting together with another Slovenian open-source project: Orange, a data mining and machine learning suite. Because the summit itself was held at Google's premises, where taking photographs was forbidden, photos are mostly from the trip there itself and area around the buildings. There are some photos by others available.

Summit really satisfied all expectations. We have experienced how it is at Google's, meet many new people, and had a presentation of our network, approach to its deployment and how our system nodewatcher helps us in this. Other sessions were also great, presenting a lot of interesting issues within open-source deployment and IT in general, and giving some ideas how to solve them.